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Remote Car Diagnostics - Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics Worldwide

Remote vehicle diagnostics is possible with modern diagnostic scanners and software. In this article, we will talk about remote OBD access and how technicians can benefit from it. If you want to try remote access with FlexiHub, push the button below. Otherwise, read the article to get full information.


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Remote Car Diagnostics
Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated Mar 3, 2023

Vehicle diagnostics is a handy tool for identifying and fixing problems that may arise during the lifecycle of certain vehicle components.

Sometimes, however, it may be complicated to determine the issue without the help of an expert technician.

With the help of remote vehicle diagnostics, an expert can obtain an insight into the vehicle’s state and localize the problem without being physically present on-site.

Implementing remote vehicle diagnostics

The common diagnostic procedure implies that all necessary data, equipment, and experts must be present locally.

traditional diagnostic procedure

FlexiHub removes the need for a technician to be physically present to diagnose the problem with a vehicle.

An expert can access remote OBD diagnostics tools remotely with the same level of functionality that a direct physical connection provides. This streamlines the process of diagnosing and correcting problems when experts are not available locally.

remote vehicle diagnostics with flexihub

With FlexiHub, an access point substitutes the diagnostic tester. Working as a communication server to provide communication over the Internet, FlexiHub routes diagnostic requests and responses from the vehicle to the actual diagnostic tester.

In that way, the combination of FlexiHub and vehicle diagnostics software can save a substantial amount of time and money. The experts can remain in their remote location while gaining direct access to the vehicle and eliminating the need for travel to inspect the vehicle.

What you’ll need for remote vehicle diagnostics

To connect to cars remotely with FlexiHub, you will need:
  • A J1850 diagnostic tool or OBD2 scanner with J2534 Pass-Thru interface;
  • Connected laptop and the internet;
  • A vehicle diagnostic testing software.

How to do remote car diagnostics with FlexiHub

  • 1.
    Create your FlexiHub account on the software's official website and verify it via email.
    register flexihub account
  • 2.
    Download and install FlexiHub the computer that will be connected via the diagnostic interface to the car. Repeat for the technician’s computer that will remotely diagnose a vehicle.
    download compatible flexihub version
  • 3.
    A technician attaches the vehicle diagnostic equipment to a car for the device to identify the problem. Then, they connect the scanner to a local computer running and log in to the FlexiHub account.
    connect diagnostic interface to the car
  • 4.
    After that, log in to the same FlexiHub account on a remote system (on the computer located in the service center). The diagnostic device will be recognized by the expert’s computer like it was connected to the PC directly.
    log in to perform remote diagnostics
  • 5.
    The technician connects to the device via the FlexiHub interface and conducts standard diagnostics procedures.
    diagnostics software checks the remote car

Remote vehicle diagnostics - video tutorial

Here you can view a brief video demonstration of how FlexiHub works and grasp the idea that lays behind it:

Remote diagnostics with high-level performance

When using FlexiHub, there are no changes required to be made to the diagnostic software or the vehicle to access data remotely.

All data transmission is fully protected using advanced 2048-bit SSL encryption.

When performing remote diagnostics, FlexiHub assures low latency and high bandwidth data transfer. Large amounts of data can quickly be transmitted from vehicles to any location across the globe.

If the Internet connection suddenly drops during a diagnostic session, FlexiHub has a "Keep connection active" option to prevent potential loss of data. It maintains the connection between the remote expert’s computer and the diagnostic tool to be reestablished again when the Internet becomes available.

FlexiHub is an easy-to-implement solution that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Run vehicle diagnostics remotely
4.8 Rank based on 386+ Reviews

Remote car diagnostics use cases

The ability to perform remote car monitoring and diagnostics is useful in many scenarios:
  • Vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers can use remote diagnostics to test systems before and during production to ensure that everything works as expected.
  • The mechanics at the local service station may find themselves in a situation when the assistance of an expert is required. Using the information from a remote car diagnostics system, the issues can be resolved without the time or expense involved in bringing the expert onsite.
  • Repair shops employing remote diagnostic tools will benefit from increased customer satisfaction as repairs will be less expensive, more successful, and take less time to complete.

In conclusion

Interactive remote diagnostics provide the means for a system or human expert to monitor vehicle behavior in real-time without regard to their physical location. This enables more sophisticated and dedicated tools to be used by the expert rather than those available to the technicians at a local service center.

The level of customer satisfaction is raised through the use of remote vehicle diagnostics software. It shortens repair time and reduces the need for repeat visits to address a particularly tricky problem. Local mechanics and service technicians can obtain the necessary expert advice to fix the issue the first time. Customers will get their vehicle back more quickly and be happy with the results which often leads to repeat business. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Run vehicle diagnostics remotely
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