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connect a USB biometric device
Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated Feb 8, 2023

Cloud Based Biometric Attendance System with Redirection Technology

The ability to redirect USB biometric devices to the cloud opens up a wide range of possibilities for both small companies and large enterprises. A cloud-based biometric attendance system provides a secure way for employees to use any valuable corporate software no matter their physical location. What’s more, business leaders can control employee attendance at any time from anywhere.

In this article, we’ll talk about cloud-based biometric attendance systems and tell you how to improve your in-cloud software security with remote access to USB biometric identification devices.

How to connect a USB biometric device to the cloud

Storing data in the cloud is a cost-efficient solution that eliminates the need for businesses to invest in expensive on-premise infrastructures.

Offering a unique hosting technology, cloud services give the possibility to run attendance recording, access control, desktop fingerprint reader, or any other specialized software on dedicated servers located all around the world.

Those servers are able to store loads of data generated by your company applications, including those designed for processing and recording attendance data.

In order for communication to start between your biometric attendance software and an identification device used by your employee, the device should be forwarded to the cloud.

That's where a handy app, FlexiHub, comes into play.

Cloud biometrics redirection with FlexiHub

FlexiHub is a simple yet powerful utility that works over the internet and allows remote access to virtually any USB or serial port device in a couple of clicks. By using this app, you can easily make cloud connected biometric access.

Here's how to do this:
  • 1.
    Step 1. You register an account on the FlexiHub website.
    register flexihub account
  • 2.
    Step 2. Connect the fingerprint scanner that you want to use in the cloud to your computer's USB port. Download the app on this PC (or Mac).
    download the app on this PC (or Mac)
  • 3.
    Step 3. Start FlexiHub and log in to your account.

    You will see the list of devices that are physically connected to your machine. Once you access your account, all of them become available for connection from a remote computer (real or virtual).

    Note: For security reasons, some of the devices may need to be unlocked before they can be accessed from another PC.
    log in to your account
  • 4.
    Step 4. Install FlexiHub on the cloud desktop. Start the app. blank
  • 5.
    Step 5. Log in to your account.

    Shared devices will be shown in the software interface. All you should do is find the USB fingerprint scanner and click the "Connect" button next to its name.
    find the usb fingerprint scanner and click connect
  • 6.
    Viola! The device can now communicate with any dedicated app running in the cloud as though it were plugged directly into the virtual machine. blank
Whether you are using a Civil PIV Sensor, a U.are.U® 4500 Fingerprint Reader, a Futronic Fingerprint Scanner 2.0, a Goodix FingerPrint, or any other popular biometric device, FlexiHub will come in handy.

  Video guide to redirect biometric data to the cloud

Redirect biometric data with FlexiHub

Cloud-based Attendance Management Systems

Attendance management is crucial in all institutions as it determines whether an enterprise will thrive subsequently.

Also, it's critical to access the attendance data at any time required, regardless of the physical address of such data access. With many of our biometric systems, Heyce offers full-fledged and 100 percent dependable cloud based attendance and cloud based access control solutions.

Hosted Cloud Attendance Solutions Hosted Cloud Services, with the advent of cloud computing, have become increasingly significant in the modern era.

All the advantages of this special hosting technology are used when hosting attendance and access data on cloud based biometric access control systems.

Cloud-based Attendance Management Systems

Advantages of cloud-based biometrics

There are many benefits when you compare the cloud biometrics system to on-premise implementation. Once everything is safely stored in the cloud, you no longer have to carry much data. Additional benefits of using cloud connected biometrics access include the following:

  • Affordable

    The least expensive option is cloud-based biometrics since it runs without any technical infrastructure. No maintenance expenses exist since everything is stored and managed in the cloud.

    Users can access systems utilizing a basic web browser independent of their physical area or the device they use (e.g., PC, mobile phone) thanks to device and location independence. Users can connect from any location across the globe to the cloud's major infrastructure, which is off-site and accessible over the Internet.

    Since they may be accessible from numerous locations and do not have to be installed on each user's PC, cloud computing programs require simpler maintenance.

    Also, productivity increases since users may collaborate on the same information simultaneously instead of waiting for it to be stored and emailed.

    Some years back, implementing biometrics was a challenging task. Thanks to cloud-based biometric services, everyone can now use biometrics.

  • Secure

    Threats on the device do not impact the execution or identification of cloud-based biometrics. For hardware-independent biometric processing, the device serves as a conduit or facilitator. The cloud is in charge of the device's security. Biometric identification technology in the cloud is more tricky for an attacker to reverse-engineer than on-device verification.

  • Scalable

    Utilizing a biometrics cloud-based solution makes it simple to scale the service depending on demand. Utilizing CloudABIS, it doesn't matter what size user you are. Starting with just ten (10) users and scaling up as your operations grow is easy.


Now that you know what remote access to a biometric device is and how to use it in the cloud, we hope you can make a significant improvement in your attendance management processes. Sharing biometric devices over a network can definitely take your attendance control system to the next level. The dedicated app, FlexiHub, will help you enable secure and reliable redirection of USB biometric devices to your company’s cloud infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cloud-based biometrics allows institutions to get search and enroll capabilities without developing those systems from scratch. Any organization can readily integrate biometrics technology into current processes for ongoing identity management activities.
Cloud-based biometric solutions utilize an image or template of distinctively human characteristics, like fingerprints, facial recognition, iris recognition, and others, to verify and allow access to users. A user must enter one or more biometric traits during registration that will be stored as templates on the cloud server.
Cloud-based Biometric device equips you with the system to centralize worker attendance data of multiple locales at a place and download them as needed.
Compared to hosting software on privately owned servers maintained in-house or installing programs on individual computers, cloud-based biometric attendance systems offer some advantages.
  • SaaS generally implies you may use the most recent technologies at a much lower price. Software that was previously only available to large firms is now available to small enterprises.
  • You don't need to oversee updates and various software versions because the developer upgrades the software on the server. You don't have to do anything.
  • Software upgrades are included as part of your monthly or yearly membership; you don't need to pay extra for them.
  • To manage servers or software, you do not have to have in-house IT knowledge.
Biometrics in cloud computing improves the cloud platform's overall security and ensures that only authorized users have access to the services provided. Biometric solutions offer dependability and accuracy and improved security and access for only authorized users.
Cloud Based Biometric Attendance System
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