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How to Redirect USB to Cloud fast and securely.

Forwarding peripheral devices to the cloud is something cloud service users may need on a daily basis. FlexiHub is a handy software application designed specifically for that purpose. 

It provides an efficient way to remotely access various types of USB and serial devices over the internet, without the need for extra hardware or complicated configurations. Even devices that are behind a NAT or do not have a public IP address can be easily redirected to the cloud via UDP with just a few clicks.


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How to Redirect USB to Cloud fast and securely.

The USB to cloud passthrough issue

      It shouldn’t be surprising that today’s professional software providers tend to deliver their services via the cloud. This choice is easy to understand. Creating a product that operates using a cloud infrastructure allows a significant increase in the number of users worldwide.

      However, the stumbling block when building a cloud-based solution is often the inability to ensure remote access to locally attached customers’ devices such as USB dongles, 3D scanners, 3D mice, or important industrial equipment like dedicated sensors, controllers, etc. 

      Software creator for industrial equipment
      Software creator for industrial equipment
      Industrial equipment owner
      Industrial equipment owner
      Remote users of industrial equipment
      Remote users of industrial equipment

      Implementing an effective device redirection technology would certainly help develop a versatile and fully functional cloud-based service. The beneficial scenario for cloud service providers appears to be integrating the FlexiHub functionality into the core of their cloud infrastructure.

      By delivering the USB to cloud passthrough feature as a component of their platform, service owners will not only meet the needs of their existing customers but also attract new subscribers looking for this specific capability.

The FlexiHub technology implementation examples

Our customers’ experience


      The integration of the FlexiHub’s technology into the cloud computing platform has made it possible for the platform users to effortlessly forward their local USB devices to the company’s virtual machines.


      The cloud virtualization service offered by the company has added USB to cloud passthrough support to enable forwarding of a wide range of USB peripherals essential for cloud gaming. 

      Scalable Graphics

      With the dedicated port virtualization technology provided by FlexiHub, Scalable Graphics’ customers can redirect USB to the cloud, this way making their local VR peripherals and other valuable USB devices available in the virtual environment.

Redirect USB to Cloud OS with FlexiHub
  • 4.8 overall rank based on 386+ Reviews
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi.
  • 10.76MB Size.
  • Version 7.0.15125. (3 Jun, 2024).
  • Pricing starts $14 per month billed annually