Get started with FlexiHub for just $159.99 per year
Our pricing is based on the number of connections you want to establish at a time. Simply create your FlexiHub account and select an annual plan that will be right for you. Get a Lifetime Subscription if you want to use the service free of annual fees for years to come.
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  • Pricing & Plans

    After registering your FlexiHub account, you will be able to select a suitable subscription plan in your online personal office. Your subscription will come into effect after a 7-day free trial. The trial period is available for plans with up to 10 connections. You won’t be charged until your trial runs out.

    When you select a Lifetime Subscription, you make a one-time payment and get access to the service for an unlimited period of time.
    Subscription ($)
    Subscription ($)
    1 159.99 319.98
    2 239.99 479.98
    3 359.99 719.98
    4 479.99 959.98
    5 599.99 1199.98
    6 719.99 1439.98
    7 839.99 1679.98
    8 959.99 1919.98
    9 1079.99 2159.98
    10 1199.99 2399.98
    To request a purchase order or bank/wire transfer, please contact our Sales Team.
  • The Frequently Asked Questions

    • What happens after my trial expires?

      At the beginning of the subscription period, you are given the service for free. Once your free trial ends, you will be automatically charged the annual fee, unless you cancel the subscription manually prior to the end of your trial period.

    • How do I cancel my subscription?

      Sign in your FlexiHub web account → Select "Additional options" (or "Subscription" from a drop-down menu) → Select "Cancel subscription" and proceed according to the instructions.

    • Can I switch, increase or modify my subscription plans?

      Quantities and/or features of the underlying plan can be changed by buying a new subscription. The underlying subscription should be canceled to avoid double billing.

    • What defines a connection?

      FlexiHub is licensed according to concurrently connected devices. For example, you can install it on 100 machines but pay for a 10-connection subscription if you anticipate only 10 devices being connected at the same time.