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What People Say About FlexiHub

  • Remote truck access with FlexiHub

    Sam Thornthon, Truck Diagnostic Service Specialist
    I’m a mechanic specializing in diagnosing and resolving issues with trucks. I cover a large service area and face the problem of trying to help multiple clients who are located a substantial distance from each other. This issue limited my ability to serve customers and hurt my business. However, I have found a way to minimize this problem with a software solution called FlexiHub. This tool lets me remotely connect to scanners to diagnose and resolve issues on my clients’ trucks.

    I bought ten scanners and 10 Android phones with OTG USB connectivity. Installing FlexiHub on these Android phones lets me turn them into mobile diagnostic stations that I can send to any remote client. The client connects the Android to their truck, and I can access them remotely with FlexiHub and an Internet connection. This arrangement lets me resolve issues without physically visiting the vehicles. It has helped me improve customer satisfaction and grow my business.

    There are still situations where I need to be physically present to fix the issue with a customer’s truck. Adding FlexiHub to my toolbox gives me the ability to resolve problems quickly. Some clients connect scanners to their vehicles, making my job more simple. I’d recommend this solution to anyone who needs remote access to USB devices.
  • Connecting medical ID cards to the RDP server

    Dr. Udo Hahn, Specialist in General Medicine at Hausärzte im Isental
    We are a doctor's office and we were having a big Covid vaccination event with more than 3000 vaccination doses. We were searching for a solution where 2 or more PC in the vaccination location connect to one Server via RDP and each of the PCs in the vaccination location that have a chipcard reader. And all these PCs need a USB connection to this specific RDP Server, and each chipcard is independently usable (it's a health ID card here in Germany and we need to read them to have all the details of the people who want to get vaccinated).

    And your solution was able to do that! It was so helpful as we could do the job in a school gym 10 miles away from the doctor's office, and we could work with these health ID USB card readers as we do it in the doctor's office locally...perfect!

  • Sharing security dongles for CAD/CAM software

    David Aparaschivei, Primary Operations Manager at Pittman Dental Lab
    We use FlexiHub and so far we like the service very much. We are a fairly large dental laboratory and we use this software in our CAD/CAM department. Our CAD/CAM department has various CAD and CAM software that comes with their security dongles and we use this software to easily share the dongle without the need of unplugging the dongle and moving it around.

    Probably the best benefit of this software is being able to share the dongles over WAN. There are times when my colleagues are on business trips or even at home and we need to use a dongle. If one of my colleagues takes a dongle during a trip one of us can’t use it and often they don’t need to use it very often on their trip. This software allows our remote employees to use the dongle as needed while still giving access to the dongle to employees in HQ.

    So far we have only tried the WAN sharing while traveling in the US. I have an upcoming trip to Costa Rica and I hope it works as intended because I do not plan on bringing a dongle with me.

  • Remote control of color correction system

    Matthew Schneider, Director of Technology at Technicolor-PostWorks New York
    I work in film and television post-production here in New York City, and I am tasked with setting up a remote workflow for a digital cinema colorist, who color corrects films and tv shows. The colorist would like to work remotely, from his home environment.

    Color correction systems use color "panels," which are often simple, USB 2.0 devices. The one I am using for testing is a Tangent Wave panel.

    I'm happy to report that FlexiHub does work based on my testing this past week. The color panel located remotely was able to control the color correction system in an office environment. This is good.

  • Accessing systems for oil and gas platforms remotely

    Chris Bowers, Automation Manager at Donovan Controls LLC
    We are an automation company that builds and services control systems for oil and gas platforms. I had a technician in the Gulf of Mexico on an oil production platform. His computer did not have the correct software to communicate with a control system, but he did have Internet access. We use either Ethernet or a USB to serial converter to communicate with the control system. I was in the office with the correct software but no way to get it to the technician for 2 days due to transportation issues.

    I remembered reading an article about sharing USB devices over Ethernet and started researching. I came across your software and thought it sounded perfect. I downloaded the software and tried it between 2 computers in our office. I was impressed so we purchased the license and had the technician on location install FlexiHub. I was able to connect to the control system using his USB to the serial device and make the necessary changes to the control system from my office. This may have been the first time we have used FlexiHub but it won't be the last!

  • Organizing a single point of access to diagnostic software

    Dan Patrohay, Director of Information Technology at Aviant Truck Centers, Inc.
    We are a Truck Service Company. We currently have two locations with about 100 employees. This application is going to be used in the service department. The technicians need diagnostic software to hook up to the trucks. There are roughly 30 technicians. For the technician to do their job they need access to the specific software for the engine they are working on. Each engine software has a license associated with the software. We are moving the software to a virtual machine and the technician can connect to the virtual machine and run the software for the given engine. This gives access to all the software for each technician. Before they had to pass/find the PC that had the software on it.

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