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Remote e-bike service and motorcycle flash with FlexiHub

Electric bikes (e-bikes) are similar to traditional bicycles except they are equipped with batteries, motors, and controllers which can all fail or require service. Typically, when an e-bike is not functioning correctly, the owner must bring the vehicle to a qualified service center. This can be an expensive and time-consuming activity that can be eliminated by performing remote diagnosis on the e-bike. FlexiHub allows connectivity between the e-bike’s USB port and a technician’s network-connected computer so they can perform remote bike service and quickly get the machine back on the road.


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Remote e-bike service
Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated Mar 21, 2024

The difficulty of providing e-bike remote service

E-bikes and traditional bikes have similar service requirements. They both need to be kept clean and owners should make it a habit to perform basic maintenance on their bikes. This includes cleaning the bike and especially its chain to ensure optimal performance and minimize the chances of a major failure.

An e-bike’s battery is one of the components that requires special care. Riders should take the proper steps to prolong battery life such as storing the bike properly, keeping the battery charged, and not using it in temperatures below -20 °C.

Additional measures riders can take to ensure a good ride are to periodically check the alignment and functionality of the bike’s electrical components. Verify that the battery is locked to the bike and that all connectors are securely plugged in. Nothing should be loose or disconnected when you begin a ride.

You may have to check your local bike shop if you run into issues with your e-bike. Make sure they have experience with your brand of e-bike before engaging them for service. They may not have the necessary parts for your bike.

When your e-bike has electrical problems, you need to locate a specialized repair shop that can perform diagnostics and an e-bike flash to update the vehicle’s firmware. Today’s motorcycles may also need a flash to address updates to the firmware that controls their electrical components. Unfortunately, there may not be a local shop with the technical skills to fix your e-bike.

providing e-bike remote service

In this case, you need to physically transport the e-bike to a certified repair facility. This can be very costly and usually entails having the bike out of your possession while it is being serviced. The bike can be damaged while being transported, or in a worst-case scenario, stolen or lost.

The expense and uncertainty of shipping your e-bike for service can be eliminated with the remote bike repairs made possible with FlexiHub software. This connectivity tool allows technicians to perform remote motorcycle repairs or service your e-bike by communicating and transferring data through the USB port on your vehicle.

Software for e-bike remote diagnostics

FlexiHub lets a specialist remotely diagnose the problems with your e-bike from the comfort of their workshop. With the right dedicated diagnostic software, a technician can fix bugs and update the vehicle’s onboard electronics. The bike just needs a USB connection, like the one that comes with Bosch systems.

How to provide remote e-bike troubleshooting with FlexiHub?

If you want to perform electric bike remote diagnostics, here’s how you can do this:
  • 1.
    For starters, sign up for a FlexiHub demo account.
    flexihub free account
  • 2.
    Install the software and log in with your credentials.
    Download FlexiHub
  • 3.
    On the remote side, your customer connects their e-bike that needs repairing to a computer. Now, the customer downloads FlexiHub on the machine with the e-bike connected to it and logs in with your token. The software will recognize the connected electric bike and display it in its interface.
    log into flexihub account
  • 4.
    You will see the list of devices attached to a remote PC in the FlexiHub interface on your computer. All you need to do is click “Connect”, and the electric bike located miles away will be shown in the Device Manager of your system as though it was connected locally.
    log in to perform remote diagnostics
  • 5.
    This way, with the help of FlexiHub you can access any remote electric bike wherever it is. There are a lot of ways this can be useful - starting with electric bike remote support and finishing with e-bike remote update. Plus, any connection you create with the software is secure and reliable.
    connect ios device for remote debugging

How can one benefit from remotely servicing e-bikes?

Here are some of the advantages of using the software:
  • Saving

    Eliminating the cost and time associated with shipping an e-bike

  •  No risks
    No risks

    Minimizing the possibility of loss or danger during shipping

  • No distances
    No distances

    Performing an e-bike remote diagnosis increases repair specialists’ productivity and improves customer service by decreasing turnaround time.

  • Quality

    Clients could avoid the repair when it requires additional time and effort. With remote support with FlexiHub clients will ask for help timely, because it will cost them only a couple of clicks.

Run vehicle diagnostics remotely
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