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Connect to USB over network with one click

FlexiHub is a powerful service to access USB and serial port devices remotely from anywhere in the world. Break any distance and connect to a remote device in seconds. Start your free demo right now to see how it works!
Share USB over IP network
Cross-platform USB over IP hub
FlexiHub facilitates USB to IP connectivity between the computers and personal devices running the Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android operating systems.

USB over Ethernet access worldwide

Share USB devices over Ethernet and connect them in real-time no matter if they are down the hall, across the city, or on the other side of the world.
  • Using FlexiHub’s unique USB Redirector Server feature, USB over TCP/IP connectivity can be established with computers without a public IP address. This allows USB devices attached to computers in different subnetworks to be connected without configuring complicated settings.

  • Compressing data to increase transfer speed is easy with FlexiHub: you can choose between the optimal speed or best packet size when connecting USB devices over IP. Traffic compression may be useful for isochronous USB devices that require larger amounts of bandwidth and latency.

  • FlexiHub allows you to create login tokens so that other users could use your account to connect their USB devices over Ethernet. The tokens are a safe way of sharing an account with others without the risk of exposing your login credentials.

  • Data transferred between USB devices will remain secure and out of the hands of unauthorized entities with FlexiHub’s 2048-bit SSL encryption.

  • FlexiHub enables you to share USB over a network even without the locally installed drivers. The software recognizes the type of device automatically when a USB peripheral is connected to your computer which makes it very easy to connect remote USB devices.

  • FlexiHub offers a solution for situations when a direct connection cannot be established between two network nodes. Computers hidden behind NATs can be successfully connected using the UDP communication protocol.

  • With the "Keep connection active" option you do not have to worry about your work being interrupted or data being damaged in case the Internet connection is lost. The shared USB device will remain connected to the remote machine and wait for the connection to be restored.

  • You can block any USB port device from being connected with the help of FlexiHub over a TCP/IP network. Locked devices will not be displayed on the remote node, therefore no one will be able to connect to such USBs over IP.

USB over Ethernet Software - Use Cases

  • Remotely configuring USB devices is one way that FlexiHub can be used effectively. Updating firmware or making changes to configuration settings usually requires a direct connection to the device. Virtualizing the ports with this versatile USB via Ethernet software eliminates the need to physically access the remote equipment.

  • Centrally monitoring and controlling a network of USB devices can improve productivity in automated industrial implementations. Gains in employee safety, as well as cost savings, can result from a more comprehensive approach to managing USB equipment. With FlexiHub, all traffic that is generated from the sensors, controllers, and robotic devices in an industrial setting can be directed over a network to a single USB server.

  • When developing a new device, a great portion of time may be wasted on shipping the prototype back and forth between the development center and the client to fine-tune the device and finalize the details. Instead of shipping the devices, sharing USB devices over the network with FlexiHub enhances the remote USB device management without the lack of shipping times.

  • Cloud computing platforms are becoming increasingly popular throughout business and industry. One problem faced by organizations is the challenge of redirecting locally-attached USB devices to their cloud instances. The USB over Internet functionality provided by FlexiHub solves this issue and allows any type of USB device to be connected over Wi-Fi to your cloud infrastructure.

Support for a wide range of devices for USB over a network connection

How to share USB devices over a network

Use the following simple steps to begin sharing USB devices with remote users over a network:
Register a FlexiHub account.
Download the application on the computer with the physical connection to the USB device, and start the software.
Log in to your account. Make sure that the USB device you would like to connect over the network is displayed in the main window.
Repeat steps 2 & 3 with the remote computer that will access the USB device over the network.
Click the Connect button next to the required remote USB device to establish the connection.
After that, the remote machine will be able to use the full functionality of the USB device as if it had a direct connection to the equipment.
What customers say
  • We have tested FlexiHub to see if it can speed up medical device development with our external partners. Instead of shipping devices from our partners to us and back, FlexiHub enhances the Device Management remotely without the lack of shipping times. It was a full success and our Partner will get a license soon.
    Robert Knapstein, Systems Engineer

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Frequently Asked Questions

USB over network software allows sharing of locally attached USB devices over the network and use them remotely.

You can use remote USB devices as if they were plugged in right into your computer, and it does not matter if you are in another building or across the globe.
Install FlexiHub both on the local computer and the remote one, and log in to your account. All USB ports will be automatically “shared”, and you will be able to connect USB devices on the remote computer.
FlexiHub can work independently from the hardware and turn any standard computer into a USB over Ethernet server. For connecting to the shared devices on the remote side either, you won’t require any specific hardware except for the computer.
Due to the technical restrictions, only a single computer will be able to connect and use a remote USB device.
FlexiHub can be used to share almost any type of USB device over the network. The software is compatible with the specialized USB equipment like modems, barcode scanners, fingerprint readers, USB dongles, Android and iOS devices, etc.
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