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Connect to USB over network with one click

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logo flexihub
logo flexihub
USB security dongle
Personal healthcare device
Home monitoring system
Wireless weather station
USB hard drive
Android Device
Bluetooth adapter
USB security dongle
Personal healthcare device
Home monitoring system
Wireless weather station
USB hard drive
Android Device
Bluetooth adapter
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FlexiHub is friendly, fast, and completely safe

Use the devices located miles away whenever you need them. You click the “Connect” button — FlexiHub takes care of the rest.
Drive customer satisfaction
FlexiHub is here to help your business
Take your customer service to the next level by offering top-notch remote tech assistance. Provide remote diagnostics and maintenance of consumer-grade and special-purpose USB and COM port equipment with FlexiHub for Business.

Find out what we can do for you
Drive customer satisfaction
Drive customer satisfaction
Collaborate efficiently
Keep your team connected with FlexiHub
Share devices only with your coworkers or securely invite people from outside of your organization to access your corporate devices remotely. Easily manage all team members and connections via a dedicated team account.

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Drive customer satisfaction
Drive customer satisfaction
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We’ve got FlexiHub subscription plans to meet any & all of your needs
Choose the one that will work best for you
  • Personal
    Perfect for remote access to your own devices
    1 user
    From $14/month
    • Use the service on up to 5 computers
    • Connect up to 3 remote devices simultaneously
  • Business
    For remote tech support that boosts your revenue
    2+ users
    Pay as you go
    • Any number of computers allowed
    • Create one-time login tokens for convenient authentication
  • Teams
    For collaboration within and outside of your team
    5+ users
    $12/month per 1 Member Account
    • Pay for the whole team at once
    • Add and remove users at any time
  • Enterprise
    Make it your own
    Any number
    Custom price
    • Compliance with your industry’s regulatory requirements
    • Tailor-made UI & white labeling