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Connect the world with FlexiHub

Share USB devices over Ethernet and connect them in real-time no matter if they are down the hall, across the city, or halfway across the world.
Surefire device redirection

Game-changing USB Redirector Server

Ensures flawless USB over TCP/IP connectivity without public IP.

No fuss, no muss, no fiddly setting-up.

Right-on USB over UDP connection

When a direct connection is a no-go, e.g. the PC you’re trying to access is hidden behind NAT, you still have the option to connect to it using the UDP communication protocol.
Right-on USB over UDP connection
  • Perfect fit with clouds

    No more trouble with redirecting locally-attached USB devices to your cloud instances. Any and every type of USB device can be easily connected to now extremely popular cloud infrastructures over Wi-Fi.

  • Perfect fit with clouds
Safe and reliable connection

Maximum information security

2048-bit SSL encryption is in charge of the safe data path with zero probability of getting into the hands of the wrong people.

Handy auto-connect

 Handy auto-connect
No need to worry about connection faults as the service will take care of them for you. You won’t even have to keep FlexiHub running at all times.
  • Easy rev-up via traffic compression

    It's your call to decide between the optimal speed and best packet size for each USB over IP connection. Also, traffic compression is well-suited for bandwidth- and latency-sensitive isochronous USB devices.

  • Easy rev-up via traffic compression

Infallible data loss prevention

Enable the "Keep connection active" option and even the worst Internet connection ever won’t be able to disrupt your workflow or cause data corruption.

The remote device will remain connected to your machine and wait for the connection to be restored.
Easy rev-up via traffic compression
Easy access to remote devices
  • Login tokens for safe account sharing
    Login tokens for safe account sharing

    Your credentials are the confidential data you don’t have to expose to anyone. Just create a login token and pass it to anyone you want to share your FlexiHub account with.

  • No local driver installation
    No local driver installation

    Share USB over a network even without the locally installed drivers. Once you attach a USB peripheral to your PC, the device type will be automatically detected, so remote machines will have no trouble connecting it.

  • USB over IP access control
    USB over IP access control

    Block any of your USB devices from being connected through a TCP/IP network, and it won’t be displayed on the remote machines, thus no one will be able to access it from there.

  • Utility device filters
    Utility device filters

    It’s really easy to filter out devices that are not USB (or COM, or Connected to you). Plus, you can rename machines used for connections.

  • Real-time communication
    Real-time communication

    FlexiChat is an awesome feature, extra handy for Team users. Exchange thoughts and comments with other people logged into your account.

  • Data pass monitoring
    Data pass monitoring

    There is the option to show the amount of transmitted data next to every device attached.

A boost to your day-to-day performance
 One control center for all automated operation

One control center for all automated operation

A network of USB devices monitored and managed from a single operational station can massively improve the efficiency of your manufacturing facilities.

It works great where it comes to operational safety and budget savings. Plus, it's a much more comprehensive approach to managing USB equipment. Use FlexiHub to redirect traffic from all your sensors, controllers, and robotic units over a network to a single USB server.
 Speed-up for the development process

Speed-up for the development process

Shipping the prototype back and forth between the development center and the client to fine-tune the device and finalize the details takes up a humongous amount of time.

Instead of shipping a device, you can just share it via the Internet using FlexiHub so your client can access it remotely. As a result, you’ll cut down your time-loss and outlays for unnecessary shipping.
 Remote equipment setup

Remote equipment setup

Use this multipurpose USB via Ethernet software tool to virtualize your ports. This done, you’ll be able to update firmware, change configuration settings, and do a host of other things remotely.

There’ll be no need for physical presence, and thus you’ll have zero business hours wasted on the back and forth commotion.

Get started with FlexiHub

Choose a subscription plan that is right for you.
  • Personal

    For individual users and entrepreneurs
    From $14/month

    Starts from 1 connection. The price is based on the number of connections you choose.

    • Easily share your devices
    • Create up to 3 remote connections
    • Log in using tokens

  • Teams NEW

    For groups and organizations of any size
    From $12/month per 1 Member Account

    Starts from 5 members. The price is based on the number of members you add.

    • Simply manage all members
    • Get centralized billing
    • Send invites to coworkers
  • Business NEW

    For corporate clients and big enterprises
    Pay as you go

    Session-based price. Contact our Sales team and order a plan to meet your specific needs.

    • GUI customization
    • API to create/delete tokens
    • White-labeling option