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Access smart healthcare cards remotely over RDP
USB sharing solution
Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated Jun 5, 2024

Access smart healthcare cards remotely over RDP

Connected either to a portable reader or directly to a medical professional’s computer, the smart healthcare card provides access to the patient’s vital health information at the site of an accident or on the way to the hospital.

Medical ID card software helps read the data from the card and forward it to the emergency room before the patient arrives. However, without having a computer with dedicated software handy at the scene, it may be rather challenging to access the card’s info and add it to the hospital’s database.

Remote access to medical cards - step-by-step guide

FlexiHub is a simple software application that enables medical ID card redirection to any remote computer over an RDP connection. By using FlexiHub, you can share the patient’s card that is attached to a local computer with any of the hospital’s PCs where smartcard reading software is used. The card will appear on the remote machine as though it were connected right to that computer.

FlexiHub is a subscription-based solution. Depending on the subscription plan you choose, you can create an account for personal use, team collaboration, or business needs.

When it comes to sharing medical ID cards with one or several remote hospital PCs, Team Account seems to be the optimal choice. It enables the most efficient and entirely secure access to shared patient information.

4.8 Rank based on 386+ Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at how it works:

  • 1.
    The head of your medical team creates a FlexiHub Team Account and generates login tokens for all team members. blank
  • 2.
    You install the FlexiHub desktop app on the hospital computers from which you need to access the medical ID card remotely and on the machine to which the card is attached physically (it may be inserted directly into that PC or connected via a card reader). blank
  • 3.
    On the computer with the card physically connected, run FlexiHub and log in to your account using the token you’ve received from your team manager. blank
  • 4.
    Now, establish an RDP connection with one of the remote hospital’s computers. blank
  • 5.
    On the remote PC, launch FlexiHub and log in to your account using the same token. blank

In the FlexiHub interface, you will see the card in the list of devices available for connection. All you need to do is click the "Connect" button.

Once you do this, the card will show up on the remote PC like it was attached directly to that machine.

The ability to invite remote colleagues to connect to your local USB devices is a huge plus of the Team Subscription and the possibility to control and manage all connections to the shared devices via a Team Account is an added bonus as well.

FlexiHub Benefits

What are the key benefits of using FlexiHub for remote access to smart healthcare cards?

✅ FlexiHub ensures secure USB device forwarding to an RDP session, which makes it possible to work with a medical ID card without having it physically attached to the remote PC.

✅ With FlexiHub there’s no need to install card reading software on the computer to which the card is connected directly. The software can be installed only on the machine (RDP Server) from which you access the medical ID card remotely.

✅ Hospital administrative costs are cut while the customer service is highly improved.

✅ Remote card access via a FlexiHub Team Account enables a high level of privacy and confidentiality of patient data.


Our client's real-life experience

Here is one of the real-life examples of how FlexiHub technology can be implemented for remote access to medical ID cards:

"We are a doctor’s office and we’ve had a big Covid-19 vaccination event. We were searching for a solution that would let 2 or more PCs located in the vaccination area connect to one server via RDP. Each of the PCs had a chip-card reader that needed to be redirected to the RDP Server. All chip cards were independently usable and we needed to read them to have all the health details of the people who wanted to get vaccinated. We prepared 4 remote PCs and we had 4 local PCs.

We finished normal testing and all went perfectly! Really great and easy app. Thanks to FlexiHub, the mass vaccination was a huge success!"

You can read more about this use case of FlexiHub software for medical purposes by the link.

Medical ID cards
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  • 4.8 overall rank based on 386+ Reviews
  • Requirements: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi.
  • 10.76MB Size.
  • Version 7.0.15125. (3 Jun, 2024).
  • Pricing starts $14 per month billed annually