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Private Tunnel Server

Increase the speed of your connections by deploying your private server in optimal location.
  • Problem

    When computers are not able to create a direct network connection, the link is established via FlexiHub’s Server based in the USA.

    According to statistics, 75% of software users connect to their remote USB and COM port devices via FlexiHub Server.

    However, if your machine is located far from the US server, data transfer rate between your remote peripherals may be slow.

    Far Away
  • Connection speed
  • Solution

    Electronic Team, Inc. offers a special option that will help you resolve this issue once and for all.

    Private Tunnel Server is a private redirection server that will allow you to dramatically increase the speed of data transmission.

    The solution will provide you with your own separate route for data exchange. Our specialists are ready to help you deploy Private Tunnel Server on your side or you can do it yourself.

    3x faster
  • tunnel server
How it works

If it’s not possible to establish a direct connection between computers (the machines are hidden behind NAT, none of them have a static IP address, or the security policy does not allow accessing external services within a local network), the data is sent via a Private Tunnel Server, instead of using the distant FlexiHub Server based in the USA.

How it works

Deployed in your desired location, Private Tunnel Server eliminates the need for transferring data via US-based FlexiHub Server, so USB and serial data is transmitted significantly faster.

For more information on FlexiHub’s connection modes, please see our Wiki page.

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