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Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated Apr 29, 2024

FlexiHub for Remote Support and Maintenance

In the world of IT and technology support, the phrase “remote assistance” is often used in the context of remote desktop access. But some situations also require access to hardware that’s connected to the remote computer. And this capability is not provided by most remote desktop solutions. This is where FlexiHub steps in - it’s an indispensable tool that offers remote access to USB and COM ports, introducing new possibilities to the field of remote support.

Key Applications for Remote Support with Device Access Using FlexiHub

1. Remote Technical Support

FlexiHub enables support engineers to effortlessly access their clients' devices over the network. With its user-friendly interface, FlexiHub allows the secure sharing of any number of USB and serial port devices across the Internet, to be readily available for remote technical assistance. Devices shared by clients will appear as if they are directly connected to the support specialist’s computer, leading to faster issue resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

2. Monitoring and Maintenance of Remote Company Equipment

In today’s fast-paced business environment, maintaining a seamless workflow with minimal downtime is crucial. FlexiHub serves as an essential tool for monitoring equipment remotely, even if it's located across the city. This capability allows for the immediate identification and resolution of potential issues, ensuring tight control over operations regardless of physical distances and significantly reducing downtime through proactive troubleshooting.

3. Integration of USB and COM Port Devices with Cloud Services

FlexiHub simplifies the integration of USB and COM port devices into cloud-based systems. This is especially useful for companies that need to make USB security dongles available to cloud solutions or for those who require data collection from remote devices for cloud processing. FlexiHub ensures that remote connections experience minimal latency and provides access to virtually any USB or serial port device from a cloud environment.

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4. Remote Smartphone Troubleshooting

FlexiHub's advanced capabilities also extend to wireless connection to customer smartphones, allowing technicians to diagnose and resolve issues without physical access to the devices. This eliminates the need to transport devices to a support center, simplifies the troubleshooting process, and enhances customer satisfaction by offering immediate help directly from the comfort of your home.
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Through these diverse applications, FlexiHub proves to be an indispensable tool in modern IT and technical support landscapes, providing robust solutions for remote device management and support across various sectors and needs.
4.8 Rank based on 386+ Reviews

FlexiHub Subscription Plans Tailored to Every Need

FlexiHub has become a go-to solution for remote support and maintenance, popular among individual entrepreneurs, IT teams, and enterprises of all sizes. Its flexibility and scalability make it an ideal choice for anyone needing to manage devices over the internet securely and efficiently.

To cater to the diverse needs of its users, FlexiHub offers tailored subscription plans:

Personal Plan: Ideal for individual users, this plan supports one account and allows for up to 3 simultaneous remote device connections. It's designed for personal, non-commercial use and lets users share local peripherals with remote users within their FlexiHub account.

Team Plan: This plan is suited for groups and teams of any size. It provides a single account that can be used collectively by coworkers or customers, simplifying the management of connections in one online Team account. A key benefit of this plan is the flexibility to add or remove team members anytime, enhancing control over access to shared devices.

Business Plan: The Business Plan is customizable, offering solutions like white-labeling, sublicensing, and individual payment plans tailored to specific requirements. This plan is intended to provide the most tailored experience to meet business-specific needs.

FlexiHub is a notable solution in the realm of remote support and maintenance, since it bridges a gap that traditional remote desktop have failed to address. By enabling remote access to USB and COM port devices, FlexiHub ensures that all facets of hardware can be managed from anywhere in the world, thus driving efficiency up and enhancing the support process.

4.8 Rank based on 386+ Reviews

Advantages of FlexiHub as a Remote Support Service

FlexiHub stands out as an exemplary remote support service due to several robust features that ensure security, efficiency, and versatility:

Data Protection

FlexiHub prioritizes the security of transmitted data. Whether a technician is using the Android remote support tool to transfer sensitive data or sharing equipment over the Internet, all connections are safeguarded with 2048-bit SSL encryption. This robust security measure ensures that communications are secure and that data remains intact and protected from loss or damage.

Redirection Server

The FlexiHub Redirection Server facilitates data exchange between computers that are not on the same network. This feature is crucial when direct connections are impeded, for instance, by firewalls. With FlexiHub, remote support through such network barriers is still achievable, thanks to the ability to redirect peripherals over the network using FlexiHub’s private communication server.

Traffic Compression

To enhance efficiency, FlexiHub offers a data compression feature. When activated, this feature significantly reduces the amount of data that needs to be transferred, thereby cutting down on traffic consumption and speeding up data transfer rates.

Saving Time

FlexiHub eliminates the need for physical transportation of devices or on-site support, functioning seamlessly over the Internet. This capability not only saves time but also enables technicians to provide service quicker and with shorter response times.

Reducing Costs

By using remote support software like FlexiHub, companies can centralize their IT support teams in one location, eliminating the need for specialists to travel and thereby reducing related expenses.
Remote Support Service
  • 4.8 overall rank based on 386+ Reviews
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi.
  • 10.76MB Size.
  • Version 7.0.15125. (3 Jun, 2024).
  • Pricing starts $14 per month billed annually