Clone a USB dongle - HASP dongle clone from remote side

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Previously we have discussed what a USB dongle is, how it is used and the way USB key can be emulated for use on a remote machine. This time we will investigate a related question. Is it possible to clone a USB dongle?


  1. USB dongle issues that may require you to clone USB dongle.
  2. An easy and effective method to clone a USB key
  3. Conclusion

USB dongle issues that may require you to clone USB dongle.

There are certain models of USB security keys that can be used by multiple users simultaneously over a local network. These keys are often expensive but do offer an option to license the key’s functionality for network-attached users. If the USB dongle will be used in one room this is a viable option and removes the requirement for each computer to have an individual key.


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FlexiHub is the tool to help a user to clone USB dongle. You just need to register an account and start the work! The software tool will help to clone USB key without any additional hardware.

Not all software security dongles offer that flexibility. They work with an individual machine and will not supply the correct response when queried by the app if used otherwise. This means the application will not be functional. So you would need to clone USB dongle to use the key will more than one computer.

You can also run into compatibility issues between the software application you want to access and your computer’s operating system. One solution to this dilemma is to use a virtual environment such as Hyper-V, VirtualBox or VMware. The problem then will be that its hard to access local USB devices from a virtual machine. So what can you do if you need to make a security key available to your virtual machine?

An easy and effective method to clone a USB key.

Electronic Team, Inc. has an effective solution to the problem of creating a USB dongle clone. FlexiHub is a specialized software tool that can make a SafeNet Sentinel clone that can be accessed on any network-connected virtual machine. FlexiHub provides a secure connection over IP-based networks such as a LAN, Ethernet or WiFi. This software tool enables you to make a USB dongle accessible by any physical or virtual network-attached machine. It is a true cross-platform solution that supports the Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.


How to perform USB cloning with FlexiHub

  1. Install FlexiHub on the machine that has the USB dongle physically attached as well as all of the machines that will access the HASP dongle clone remotely.
  2. Register your FlexiHub account.
  3. Start the app on the computer with the dongle physically attached, which is known as the server. Log into your FlexiHub account to see a list of the USB devices that are available to be shared.
  4. Open the app on a remote computer, or client machine, and use the same FlexiHub account to log in. Locate the dongle in the list of USB devices and click “Connect”.

You’re done! The remote machine will immediately gain access to the security key and use it as if it were directly connected to the device.


Cloning a security dongle for use on multiple machines at once can rev to be illegal and is not recommended as a viable solution. FlexiHub is an excellent solution if you simply need to access a USB security key from a remote computer. Using this solution can simplify working with security keys and reduce costs. Just follow the easy instructions and you will soon clone USB dongle from a remote machine.


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