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USB over Ethernet — The Best Ways to Extend USB through Ethernet

If you are looking for a software-based Ethernet extender, you should give FlexiHub a try. It’s a multi-functionalized service with ultimate compatibility and minimal requirements that you can use to access a remote COM or USB device from any spot of the Earth. There’s no need to buy any hardware tools or layout miles upon miles of LAN cable — just share a device from the machine it’s physically plugged into and it will be instantly accessible from all Internet-connected computers. Unlike some other products that share USB through Ethernet, FlexiHub redirects devices, not the ports they are attached to.


Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
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USB over Ethernet

Thanks to the unique USB Redirector Server, FlexiHub ensures flawless USB-Ethernet connectivity using the UDP communication protocol. Even if there is absolutely no way to link two computers directly, e.g. you’re trying to access a device hidden behind NAT, or none of the machines have a public IP address.

Popular use-case scenarios:

A control center for all USB equipment

With FlexiHub, you can easily turn one of your machines into a single central control USB server for your security peripherals, robotic USB gadgets, dongles, and other devices plugged into USB ports. You’ll be able to have a much more comprehensive approach to managing industrial automation-related gadgets. The employee safety will go up, the expenses will go down, as well as cost savings, and thus the overall efficiency of all the automated industrial implementations you have deployed will get ginned up to a whole new level.

Safe way to use local devices in the cloud

FlexiHub offers you the easiest way to share a USB over Wi-Fi so all the local USB ports and peripherals like printers, webcameras, hardware license keys, and whatnot can be accessed from the cloud-based VM’s guest OS in just a couple of clicks. The advanced traffic encryption algorithm eliminates the chance for any data tampering so none of your sensitive information will ever get to the wrong hands.

Remote routine maintenance made easy

If you’ve ever wondered how to set up a USB over Ethernet, a good software tool is key. And out of all top software solutions to update firmware on your printer units, USB dongles, and other COM or USB peripherals without having to travel all the way to devices’ physical locations, FlexiHub seems the most fitting. The app has a very intuitive interface, and you won’t have to fiddle with settings or install a driver on the client-side to make it work.

The stepped-up hardware development cycle

Instead of mailing your prototype device back and forth, you can share it from your machine for your client to connect to it remotely and then provide with all the feedback you need to make final adjustments, fine-tuning, and finalizing. Opting for FlexiHub is a superior solution that’ll save you a pretty sum in shipment costs, and oceans of time you’d otherwise waste on waiting for delivery.

flexihub features

Is the software that shares USB through Ethernet fast?

Each time you connect to USB via Ethernet using FlexiHub, it lets you decide whether or not you want to enable traffic compression for the fastest speed your network can manage. So if you really wanna get more Mbps or find out how fast USB-Ethernet software can be, opt for FlexiHub and you’ll never have issues with webcams or any other USB devices that are isochronous and thus sensitive to latency and bandwidth.

Among the three connection modes available for FlexiHub users, the fastest one is the direct connection with no UDP protocols or Redirection Server involved. The app will automatically set it up for you, provided that both machines you’re linking have public IPs and none is NAT-protected. The actual number of megabits for the data-in-motion will depend on your network’s throughput rate.

On top of that, the later FlexiHub versions come with the new Keep Connections Active feature. If the Internet connection is lost or the remote device gets physically unplugged, the app will pause the session instead of terminating it. Once the Internet is back, or the device is reconnected, the connection will be re-established automatically.


Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
4.8 Rank based on 78+ users
FlexiHub is a revolutionary software to share your USB over Ethernet.

What is the safest way to connect a USB peripheral over Ethernet?

FlexiHub is one of the ultimate software USB extenders for safe USB-Ethernet connections great for accessing security cameras or license dongle keys from any distance. Thanks to the advanced 2048-bit SSL encryption, you won’t have to stress over the risks of your sensitive data getting into the hands of the wrong people.
On top of it, FlexiHub offers you a great way to protect your account credentials so that you won’t have to expose these confidential data to anyone. Just create a login token and pass it to other users you want to share your FlexiHub account with.

How to share a USB device over Ethernet?

Follow these steps to turn a PC into a USB server sharing USB dongle keys and other devices connected to USB devices over Ethernet in Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating systems without installing any drivers:
Register a FlexiHub account.
 Register a FlexiHub profile
Download the application on the computer with the physical connection to the USB device and start the software.
 Download Flexihub
Log in to your account. Make sure that the device you would like to connect over the network is displayed in the main window.
 Login flexihub
Repeat steps 2 & 3 with the remote computer that will access the device over the network.
 Serial device over IP
Click the Connect button next to the required remote device to establish the connection.
After that, the remote machine will be able to use the full functionality of the device as if it had a direct connection to the equipment.

Sharing USB-based devices over Ethernet With Raspberry Pi

Out of the two well-known ways of sharing a USB over IP with a Raspberry Pi, with no fiddly configuration process, try a USB extender that works with all types of USB devices and any popular OS. And that’s the one that involves using FlexiHub. Of course, you can opt for another method and try your luck with some freeware solution instead of a hundred-percent efficient paid app. This choice is totally yours to make.

USB over Ethernet Software
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Is there a free solution for USB sharing over Ethernet?

Not all good USB extension software solutions are costly. With the right tool, you can use a USB device over Ethernet for free without ever spending on a USB to Ethernet CAT5e cable. And there’s absolutely no need to root through the Internet looking for freeware that will actually work and is not a trojan horse. Some of the top paid apps, FlexiHub for instance, offer a free trial. The gratis connection sessions are usually limited, but you can make the most out of them by redirecting USB hubs so that all devices plugged into those hubs become available for remote connection.

Hardware alternative for sharing a USB through Ethernet

It’s critically important to choose the right tools when it comes to hardware-based sharing of a USB through Ethernet. You may need an adapter, a USB hub, a CAT5e cable extender, or some other wires and gadgets, depending on your specific situation. So before you start spending on any of these, please, make sure you’ve considered software options (e.g. FlexiHub). Modern apps are as reliable as any physical gadget, cost much less, and often have some handy extra features to offer.

Go cross platform!
Not only is FlexiHub a global solution, it also lets you redirect remote USB devices throughout Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.