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What is USB over Ethernet?

USB over Ethernet is a software product developed for providing remote access to the USB devices through an Ethernet or any other network connection.

USB over Ethernet software solutions serve for sharing USB devices among multiple networked computers. After connecting a shared USB device to a remote computer, it gets recognized as if it was physically connected to that machine, even without the need to install the USB device’s drivers.

How does USB over Ethernet work?

Once a USB device is plugged into a shared USB port, USB over Ethernet software generates a virtual USB-controller on a remote machine and links the device to the controller across the network. This way all data that is sent by a shared USB device is then transferred via Ethernet and received by a virtual USB controller on the remote computer.

USB over Ethernet software


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FlexiHub is a professional solution to share a USB device over Ethernet.

The app makes the full functionality of a USB device attached to a computer with FlexiHub installed available to remote computers over Ethernet. Create a FlexiHub account and start sharing USB devices right away.

Why do users choose FlexiHub to share USB over Ethernet?

USB over network can automatically detect what type of device is connected to a machine. The moment you attach it, the app will detect it and you will be able to share the devices of your choice - share webcam, share keyboard and mouse, share smart card reader, etc.

FlexiHub uses its own redirection server to share USB over Ethernet, this means no public IP address is necessarily required. Therefore, if your computer is not able to detect the computer with a shared device attached, you will still be able to connect to USB over Ethernet.

FlexiHub uses 2048-bit SSL encryption, a secure protocol that provides an extra layer of protection to transfer your data. This means when you share USB through Ethernet, your data will never be lost or accessed by a third-party app.

FlexiHub shares USB devices over LAN and Ethernet without USB drivers. You do not need to install them either on your local machine or on a remote PC.

How to use USB over Ethernet software

Here’s how to easily share USB 3.0 over Ethernet with the help of FlexiHub:

  1. Create a FlexiHub account. Start your free trial.

  2. Install the program on the PC that has a USB device physically connected and the remote machine that needs to get access to the device over Ethernet.

  3. Launch the app on both computers.

  4. On the remote (client) machine, locate the required device in the software interface and click “Connect”.

  5. This is it! Now, the server computer where the device is shared will work just like a USB over Ethernet hub, and all the data coming from the shared device will be available on the remote computer as though the device were inserted directly into it.

What USB over Ethernet can be
used for?

Software USB over Ethernet adapters have many areas of implementation. Here are just some of the most common usage scenarios:

Sharing USB hardware keys

What may help you protect your software application from unauthorized access? Right, it’s a USB hardware key that software developers often provide with their software. But, despite their many advantages, USB security dongles sometimes may be inconvenient to use. For example, you may need to share one hardware key with several colleagues that work in remote offices. Or, it may happen that your device has been damaged as a result of its constant connections and disconnections from several computers you are working on.

There’s no doubt, sharing your USB security dongle over the network and accessing it with a few clicks of your mouse can be a real solution to these and many other challenges.

Remote access to office devices

Let’s imagine that you have one external hard drive and several employees that need to use it for their work. Is there any way to let them efficiently share USB drive without the need to buy any additional peripherals? Sure, all you need to do is install a dedicated app on the USB to Ethernet server (the computer with the external hard drive attached) and share the device over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, the Internet or any other network available in your office.

Connecting to industrial equipment over the network

Thanks to its advanced functionality, USB over Ethernet software makes it possible to connect to and manage, configure and control specialized industrial equipment from PLC microcontrollers, etc. remotely without using any additional USB over Ethernet cables or hardware.

What to take into account when choosing a USB to Ethernet solution

When selecting a USB to Ethernet solution for Mac, Windows, Linux, etc., users usually consider the following criteria:

  1. The data encryption option. When it comes to forwarding data over the network, different apps offer different levels of data protection. The software that provides the data encryption capability will definitely be a better choice for those who are going to remotely access devices where sensitive data is stored.

  2. Customization. Some applications come with the USB over Ethernet functionality that is available for integration into other custom projects, while others may be used only as a standalone solution.

  3. The price factors. The can be found USB over Ethernet freeware or paid options. Whether you are looking for some basic functionality to add to your own project or some more advanced features like sharing USB over RDP, redirecting devices to a virtual environment, etc. you can select between a free and paid solution that will meet your requirements.
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