USB for Remote Desktop Software

FlexiHub is a straightforward software solution for assisting with RDP USB redirection, i.e. it allows you to connect USB devices in a Remote Desktop session over the network (Internet, LAN). This will become especially useful when a device does not support a USB over RDP redirection.

Redirect USB over network

  • FlexiHub detects and displays types of USB devices automatically thus making it easier for you to identify what device to connect or to restrict access to a specific device.

  • FlexiHub supports virtually all types of equipment connected to a computer via USB port. Any USB device can be redirected to a remote desktop session - printers, dongles, scanners, etc.

  • FlexiHub is capable of sending all traffic through its own Redirection Server, you don't especially need a public IP address for your computer which will be helpful when establishing a connection between the computers in the different sub-networks.

  • There is no need to install any USB drivers neither on your local machine nor on a remote computer. FlexiHub allows sharing USB to RemoteFX Remote Desktop without them.

USB in remote desktop

Cross-platform solution

FlexiHub can redirect USB devices on Linux as well as on Mac. Any combination of server and client can be used to access a USB device in a remote desktop session.

Compatible with various virtualization software

Say, you need to run a program that requires attaching a USB dongle while you are working in a virtual environment and you experience problems with RDP USB Redirection. There actually is a solution - FlexiHub makes it possible to access and use the functionality of USB devices when USB redirection over RDP protocol is not an option. The app is compatible with virtualization software such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and enables Citrix XenDesktop USB redirection.

Traffic Compression

Traffic compression during data transfer helps speed up interaction with certain types of devices. This may be useful for those USB devices that transfer data in an uncompressed format, like scanners. You can choose between best speed and best size traffic compression, depending on your needs.

Easily connects one or more remote USB devices to RDP session over Internet or Ethernet

What customers say
  • Our project required us to work with blade servers, VM, and access our local USB and serial devices in RDP. Flexihub made it easy for us.
    Frank Bredstone, Sales Manager

Overall rating 4.8
based on 78 reviews
Go cross platform!
Not only is FlexiHub a global solution, it also lets you share and access remote devices throughout Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.