Share USB devices over network on Android

FlexiHub for Android revolutionized how remote USB devices are shared via Internet or LAN. It technically brings USB devices from an Android straight to your location anywhere in the world without you moving an inch.
  • Any USB device physically attached to an Android device can be shared with remote computers. This means you can have a full, stable, and uninterrupted access to the USB device from your computer irrespective of your location, be it your home, office, or even abroad.

  • You have absolute control of who uses the USB shared by the Android device. For security purposes, it allows you block access to any USB device shared by the Android so it cannot be accessed remotely. Any locked USB won’t appear on the remote computer side, thereby making it impossible to access without proper authorization.

  • Shared USB devices are automatically detected with the name displayed in the User Interface accordingly (printer, phone, keyboard, hard drive, flash drive, camera, etc.). This way you can easily identify and protect sensitive devices from remote access.

  • FlexiHub for Android allows you send invites to other FlexiHub subscribers to use devices hosted by your Android device.

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