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Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol does not directly support remote desktop scanning. While you can easily use other peripherals such as printers or external storage devices in a remote session, RDP scanning cannot be accomplished without a third-party solution.

Luckily, Electronic Team has developed a remote desktop scanning software solution that solves this problem. The tool makes using a scanner through RDP a simple and easy proposition.


  1. Software for RDP scanner redirection
  2. How remote desktop scanner software works
  3. How to use scanner in remote desktop sessions
  4. Benefits of using FlexiHub for RDP scanning
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Solution to RDP scanner redirection

FlexiHub is a dedicated application that provides RDP scanner redirection so your equipment can be used in remote desktop sessions.


Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
4.8 Rank based on 78+ users
Using FlexiHub allows you to safely scan documents from within your RDP session with minimal setup.

Remote Desktop scanning can be difficult to implement in cloud or terminal server environments. In situations such as these where remote desktop scanner redirection is not supported by default, FlexiHub is the answer. It enables users to access a USB scanner over RDP as if they were directly connected to the peripheral device.

How remote desktop scanner software works

FlexiHub works by establishing a connection between USB devices attached to a physical computer's ports and your remote desktop session. It creates a virtual USB port through which you can access a scanner or other types of network-attached USB equipment.

When you insert a device into a USB port, it becomes available to remote users across your network. The virtualized RDP scanner is treated as a physical device by your operating system.

How to use scanner in remote desktop sessions

To begin using your TCP/IP network to connect RDP sessions to your USB scanner, a FlexiHub account is needed. While creating your account, you can start a free 7-day trial of the software to test drive the solution.

Follow these simple steps to start using your USB scanner for remote desktop sessions

  1. Download and install FlexiHub on the computer that is physically connected to the scanner. This machine is called the server by FlexiHub. The application also needs to be installed on the machine that will access the USB scanner over RDP which will be known as the client computer.

  2. Launch FlexiHub on the server and log into your account. Start the app on a client machine and use the same credentials to log into the FlexiHub account.

  3. Find the USB device in FlexiHub’s interface on the client and click the Connect button to establish communication.

As soon as connectivity is completed, the scanner will be recognized by the remote sessions Device Manager. Using this reliable USB for remote desktop software solution affords client machines with the same level of functionality as it would with a direct connection to the peripheral device.

Benefits of using FlexiHub for RDP scanning

Advanced security

FlexiHub uses the secure 2048-bit SSL encryption protocol to maintain the security of your network data transmission. Images are sent to the server using encrypted virtual channels.

Redirect scanners to different platform

The software supports Windows, Linux, and Mac remote desktops and offers users the ability to perform cross-platform device sharing. Any platform can act as the server for a client running on any other supported platform.

Use with complex TWAIN software

FlexiHub is compatible with any TWAIN-compliant application. The RDP scanning solution treats local hardware as if it were directly connected to the remote machine.

Scanner drivers not required

No scanner drivers are required on FlexiHub clients. This saves a lot of system admin work as no new drivers need to be installed when using a new USB device connected to the network.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the additional support scanners can be redirected to Microsoft RDP. With a third-party software like FlexiHub, you can reliably connect a USB scanner over RDP.
FlexiHub supports all models of USB scanners for RDP redirection. Moreover, it’s possible to use webcams, digital cameras, 3d mouse in remote desktop sessions.
When the scanner is connected to the local machine, you will need to download FlexiHub in order to enable remote desktop scanning. Then, install it on the computer that will connect to the scanner remotely from within the RDP session. Open FlexiHub, locate the scanner, and click the Connect button.


Requirements: Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10/Server 2012
Size: 7MB
Version: 4.0.12820 ()
User rating: (4.8 based on 78+ users )