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USB and COM Device Isolation for Multi-User Systems

Starting from version 6.0, FlexiHub is a perfect fit for Terminal Servers, Citrix Servers, and all the other multi-user systems. When you log into your account, no other users of your workstation will even see that you are using FlexiHub. Plus, you can isolate a specific device, so you will be the only one who can access it.
USB Device Isolation
Make a USB device accessible only within your session on a remote desktop, or only in your user account on Windows.

Per-session USB device isolation

FlexiHub allows you to limit access to specific USB devices by session. This device won’t be visible or accessible from any other session hosted on the same Terminal Server or another multi-user system.

Even if the same user has multiple sessions running on the same server, a device connected in one session will not be available in any other sessions of this user.
 Remote equipment setup

Per-user USB device isolation

If you choose to connect a USB device to a remote Windows machine using the per-user device isolation option, the device will be visible and accessible to only one specific account, no matter how many other accounts that remote machine has.

This option is especially advantageous if you rely on FlexiHub to remotely access your USB device containing sensitive information.
 Remote equipment setup
Note: The list of USB devices supported by the device isolation feature includes (but is not limited to): USB flash drives, external hard drives, 3D mice, webcams, printers, scanners, audio cards, and USB microphones.
Serial device isolation
With FlexiHub, your COM port will be visible only to you and available only in your user sessions. Other users on this machine will not even know that you have this port in your account.

Per-session serial device isolation

While connecting your commercial printer, laser cutter, frequency-response analyzer, or another COM-based device to a multi-user environment, you can isolate it for your own user session so it won’t be visible from any other RDP sessions.
 Remote equipment setup
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For more information on USB and COM isolation feature for Windows and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, see our detailed user guide:
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