USB Redirector for remote USB and serial ports access

FlexiHub is a software application that enables sharing COM and USB ports over network (LAN, Internet, etc.). A single control pane for all devices used in a network, it also allows to redirect USB port in a remote session from anywhere in the world.

Redirect USB devices over any distance

  • This USB port redirector establishes connection via its own Redirection Server, i.e. your computers do not need a real IP address to share and access devices remotely. Not directly seeing a computer whose serial or USB port you need won’t hinder you from accessing the port.

  • Virtual machines usually do not allow to access USB and COM ports of a host machine. FlexiHub solves this problem in the best possible way. The app supports VMware, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual PC.

  • With FlexiHub you can redirect USB device, serial device over network – its full functionality and content will be accessible to you in real-time mode. It does not matter where the device is physically located, as long as the computer it is plugged in and your local computer are connected via network. Remote computers will appear in FlexiHub as nodes you can connect to whenever you need to.

  • For establishing communication and transferring data the USB redirector uses 256-bit SSL encryption. This ensures that no third party gets an unauthorized access to your private information and sensitive data.

USB redirecting features

Lock Devices

You can regulate access to your USB devices, e.g. if you have a USB device whose functionality or content is not meant for sharing, you can lock it. No remote computers in the network will see it.

Detect Devices Automatically

FlexiHub detects and displays info about your device type automatically. This makes it easier for you to identify what device you need to share, access or, on the contrary, to lock the access. Serial port devices have a special indicator to tell them from USB devices.

Compress Data

Compressing data helps transfer it faster and decreases Internet traffic consumption. There are different compression options you can choose from.

Easily redirects multiple remote USB devices over network

What customers say
  • Well, the software helped me access my USB devices over my office network. What did I like the most? The single-point access to all my computers in the account. Great utility for everyday work!
    Martha James, Software Engineer

Overall rating 4.8
based on 78 reviews
Go cross platform!
Not only is FlexiHub a global solution, it also lets you share and access remote devices throughout Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.