How to share FTDI USB to serial adapter and receive FT232R UART data over network

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  1. What is FTDI?
  2. What is FTDI used for?
  3. How does FTDI adapter work?
  4. How to share FT232R USB UART?

What is FTDI?

FTDI stands for Future Technology Devices International, a private semiconductor device company specializing in USB technology.

What is FTDI used for?

FTDI adapter is used for transforming RS232 or TTL serial data into USB signals. This kind of device allows support for outdated appliances with today’s computers.

The chipsets for USB slave converters, manufactured by FTDI (Future Technology Devices International) are able to convert any RS232 port data to Universal Serial Bus (USB) port.


How does FTDI adapter work?

Each FTDI adapter contains a USB microcontroller which talks a proprietary protocol via USB and transforms that into the regular UART signals and vice versa.

There is a wide range of cases when you might face a necessity to access such a device over the network (LAN/WAN/IP). For example, FTDI to USB adapter might be integrated to your dongle or to the EMV smart card reader you use day-to-day and need to connect to it from the remote computer. One of the most common ways is using dedicated software.

How to share FT232R USB UART

The first solution is Flexihub. This piece of software allows you to share such a device as FT232R with the remote computer over the network in such a way that it is recognized as a locally connected device. You will just need to install FT232R USB UART driver on the remote machine in order for the device to function properly.


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FlexiHub will definitely come in handy in such case.

So, how the FTDI device can be shared over the network?

  1. First of all, you will need to register a FlexiHub account.
  2. Then select how many connections you need to start a free trial.
  3. Download FlexiHub to both the local and the remote machines.
  4. Sign in to the software using your credentials.
  5. In the list of devices find the FT232R USB UART and connect to it. (Do not forget to install the corresponding FTDI driver.)
  6. That's it! Now you will be able to work with the device as it was plugged directly into your computer.

Another effective alternative is Serial to Ethernet Connector. The application can assist users in many serial communication usage scenarios. You can share serial devices with any number of network-connected computers. Data transmission from serial devices can be redirected to virtual sessions and virtual null-modem cables can be used to allow serial applications to communicate over a network. It and an excellent alternative to FlexiHub and supports the Windows and Linux operating systems.

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Serial to Ethernet Connector

Connect serial ports over Ethernet
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Serial to Ethernet Connector

Follow these steps to use Serial to Ethernet Connector.

  • Download Serial to Ethernet Connector and install it on the computer that will be used to share a serial port (server) as well as the computers that will remotely access that interface (clients).
  • On the computer acting as the server, select the “Server connection” option in Serial to Ethernet Connector. Modify the connection settings and then select "Create connection" in the app’s main window.
  • Open a COM port on the server.
  • On a client machine that will share the server’s serial port create a “Client” connection in Serial to Ethernet Connector. You need to use the same port number and remote hostname configured in the server connection.
  • Click 'Connect' on the remote machine to connect to a device attached to the shared port. The remote connection provides the same level of functionality you would achieve by a direct, physical attachment to the device.


Requirements: Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10/Server 2012
Size: 7MB
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