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Use FlexiHub to Share Serial Port over IP

Go cross platform!
Not only is FlexiHub a global solution, it also lets you share and access remote devices throughout Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms.
We often have to use several devices while working on a computer. How do you connect all of them to your machine? There is a software solution to the problem that helps you work with as many devices as you want with no clutter on your desk. FlexiHub is a serial over IP connector, i.e. it allows you to access a serial port over TCP/IP and it works the other way round too – you can share serial over IP with others.
  • The software enables you to access a remote serial over IP. Physical distance between computers, the one that provides shared access to serial over TCP/IP and the one that requires such access, matters not. FlexiHub displays network computers with shared devices as nodes to which you can connect at once.

  • To connect/ disconnect to/ from a serial port over Internet, you do not need to be in physical proximity to the port. Encryption ensures that such communication is totally secure.

  • It is possible to prohibit any remote access to your local device. Once locked, the device will not be visible to other network users and they will not be able to access it.

  • You can share serial port over IP and send an e-mail invitation to others to use it. Once an invitee accepts it, the functionality and content of a remote device will be available to them as if the device was plugged in locally.

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Benefits offered by FlexiHub for managing a serial port:

Block Devices from Remote Access

If you have a device that is meant for private use, you can lock it from a remote access via FlexiHub. Such device will not be visible to anyone in the network, and no other user can connect to it remotely.

Detect Device Type

Once a user shares a serial to IP, the software automatically detects and displays it to others. FlexiHub also provides information on what type of device it is – a modem, a smartphone, a printer, etc. thus helping you identify the device you need to connect to. Serial devices have special marker to distinguish them from USB peripherals.

Minimize Data Size

FlexiHub allows you to compress data, this reduces traffic required to transfer it and increases the speed of interaction with devices. You can specify the optimal compression ratio, if you have any preferences.

Interact with Serial Port in Virtual Environment

This serial over IP software enables reaching a serial port in a virtual machine that typically is not the case. FlexiHub supports virtual environment created with the help of Hyper-V, VMware and VirtualBox.

Easily connects one or more remote USB and serial port devices to your computer
over Internet or Ethernet

What customers say

  • Well, the software helped me access my USB devices over my office network. What did I like the most? The single-point access to all my computers in the account. Great utility for everyday work!
    Jack Duan, Cloud Service Engineer

Overall rating 4.8
based on 78 reviews
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