How to share USB devices between two computers

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So why would you need to know how to share a USB device between two computers? Well, if you’re using USB peripherals each and every day, at some point you may need to gain access to a USB device plugged into another computer. Surely, it wouldn’t be a problem if that computer is within your reach, so every time you want to access a USB device you can just disconnect it from that other computer and then attach it directly to your PC. But that’s definitely not the best practice so further in this text we’ll show you how to share USB devices with multiple computers in two simple ways, just at the push of a button or with a few mouse clicks.

Sharing a USB device with multiple computers


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By using FlexiHub you’ll be able to share a USB device between two computers.

Or, even more than two devices, no matter how far apart they are located - in the next rooms or in the opposite hemispheres. USB over network a high-functional software that allows you to share an unlimited amount of USB devices over any distance no matter what platforms are used. And what is still better, no additional wiring will be necessary for FlexiHub provides you with full access to your USB device via the Internet.

How to share one USB device with two computers

Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to share one USB device with two computers (or more, if needed):

Step 1: Register your FlexiHub account to get a free trial.

Step 2: Download FlexiHub and install it on the computer with a USB device you wish to share and also on all the PCs that need to get remote access to that device. Once installed, launch the application and sign in to your account.

Step 3: On a remote computer, find your USB device in the list shown in the FlexiHub interface and click the “Connect’ button next to it.

That’s how easy it is to arrange for a USB device located halfway around the world to show up in your computer’s Device Manager.

share usb between two computers

Sharing USB devices between two computers by using a USB switch

There is one more effective method to access your USB device from several PCs - by using a USB switch. It’s a handy hardware solution that helps you to share any USB devices (MFDs, memory sticks, external drives, card readers, etc.) with other users. And using a USB 3.0 sharing switch you’ll be able to throw over a whole bunch of USB devices from one machine to another just at the push of a button.

So all it takes to share a USB between two computers is a few simple steps:

Step 1: Plug the USB device (or a USB hub with some devices attached) you’d like to share into the USB sharing switch.

Step 2: Now connect your USB switch between two computers you want to share USB peripherals with.

Step 3: Whenever you need to use your USB peripherals on other PC, just push the button on the switch to flip them over. And that would be it, as easy as one-two-three.

Benefits and pitfalls of each method

Each of the two methods mentioned above will allow you to share USB devices between two computers (or more in case of need) and will make working with your USB peripherals much easier. Yet, the software solution has much more positive aspects. Unlike a hardware USB switch, FlexiHub has no limitations on range, network type or the number of shared USB devices. On top of that, FlexiHub can redirect USB to virtual machines, plus it works just fine through the Remote Desktop Protocol. The primary advantage of the hardware solution is a reasonable price, but considering all the strong points of FlexiHub, this software is a great value for money.


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