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Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated Aug 15, 2023

Game Controller Redirection to a Cloud Gaming PC

The problem of connecting game controllers to cloud computers

Can you use a game controller for cloud gaming? Sure you can. With the outstanding possibilities that cloud gaming provides today, you can not only stream a game to any display you own but also play it with a joystick or controller attached to your local computer. To make your peripherals accessible in the cloud, you should use a dedicated software app called FlexiHub. This tool will easily virtualize your devices and connect them to any cloud desktop over the internet. Keep reading to learn how it works with USB controllers of modern flight and auto simulation games.

Сloud gaming is undoubtedly one of the favorite pass-time activities for many. Why is cloud gaming so good? Well, when you happen to have a lot of free time or need to self-isolate from your friends and family for some time, the idea of playing video games becomes really appealing. Especially, if you don’t have to have a powerful gaming computer and can just rent a PC from one of the popular cloud gaming services like Shadow Cloud Computing, Maximum Settings, Vortex, Paperspace, etc.

What can enhance your gaming experience when playing video games is a wide variety of joysticks, steering wheels, throttle quadrants, yokes, rudder pedals and other valuable gaming peripherals.

PC game

For example, the most popular flight and auto simulation games including Microsoft Flight Simulator, X-Plane 11 NFS, DIRT RALLY, Forza, F1 can be played with specific controllers, such as Honeycomb Alpha Flight Controls, Logitech g27 or g29, Thrustmaster T300RS, THRUSTMASTER TS-PC RACER, Thrustmaster T.Flight Full Kit X, etc. The peripherals connect to gaming computers via USB.

But what should you do if you want to play a game remotely in the cloud? Can you use your local USB Game controller with a cloud PC?

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Redirecting flight simulator controls and racing wheel to the cloud using FlexiHub

FlexiHub is a software application that will come to the rescue whenever you decide to connect any of your local USB peripherals to a virtual or cloud machine. Designed to redirect USB devices to remote computers over the internet, this simple utility will be a big help for making your USB joysticks accessible to a cloud gaming computer.

FlexiHub will ensure fast data transmission from your local device to the cloud with minimal latency and no data loss.

Flight Simulator Controls and Racing Wheel

Thanks to the advanced traffic compression algorithm it deploys, the software can handle connections with the most bandwidth- and latency-sensitive USB peripherals, like Flight Universal Control System and gamepads.

Here’s how to use FlexiHub for remote access to a USB gamepad or controller:

  • 1.
    First, you should create an account on the software website.
    get started
  • 2.
    Then, download the app on the local computer, to which your USB controller is attached directly.
    download the app
  • 3.
    Next, you log in to the newly registered account and view the controller that you would like to use remotely in the FlexiHub interface.

    Note: you don’t need to configure any additional settings to share the controller over the network. Once you access your account on the local computer, all devices connected to this machine get shared automatically.

    log in to the registered account
  • 4.
    Once done, you install FlexiHub on the PC for cloud gaming to which the controller is going to be connected remotely. blank
  • 5.
    Start the app and log in to your account on the cloud machine. blank
  • 6.
    In the software interface, you’ll see that the required USB controller is available for remote connection. All you should do is click the Connect button next to its name.
    remote connection
  • 7.
    That’s it! Now, you are able to control the game that’s running in the cloud with a real device you are holding in your hands. blank

Why choose a cloud gaming PC over an on-premise gaming computer?

In addition to the flexibility, security and reliability that you get with a cloud desktop, one of the key advantages of the solution is its affordability. Today you have a variety of cloud services to choose from. If you are wondering how much it may cost to rent a PC in the cloud compared to the purchase of your own gaming computer, you can see an example in the table below:

Renting a cloud-based PC Buying your own gaming PC
Annual subscription for the cloud gaming service MaximumSetting $432
(Average gaming time 9 hours/week)
(Optional) Monthly subscription for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate PC $10
Annual subscription for FlexiHub $168
Computer Graphics Cards (GeForce GTX 8GB 1080 ti) Up to $1000
Main computer components (CPU, RAM, SSD, etc.) $1500 - $2000
Total price $720/year from $2500

Undoubtedly, both cloud and on-premise gaming approaches have their pros and cons. But when it comes to the price factor, cloud solutions seem to be less expensive. With a cloud-based PC, there’s neither initial investment in the hardware, no need for maintenance and replacement every few years.

How cloud computing and gaming work

Depending on the gaming service you choose, you will most likely need to sign up for a monthly or a yearly subscription plan. Once you sign up, you get access to specific hardware capable of handling the game rendering and redirecting video streams to your device. In fact, you are renting a powerful gaming PC from a cloud service provider instead of purchasing your own one.

Some providers, e.g. Shadow Cloud Gaming or Maximum Settings, offer a whole Windows 10 machine in the cloud, while others may just have a collection of gaming consoles like Xbox One S, PlayStation, etc.

Once you launch your game in the cloud you can interact with it by using your keyboard and mouse or a USB controller attached to your local machine. In a matter of milliseconds, your inputs travel to the remote server, and a video stream from the server is sent back to your PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you might have guessed, cloud gaming means that you don’t have to download video games on your local PC or console. Instead, you can play them using a dedicated server located in a remote data center. With the help of a free (or paid) cloud gaming service, you can stream gaming information from the remote server to a client app or browser on your own device.
You can use any Xbox-compatible controller, wireless or wired, for your gaming sessions on the cloud Xbox console.
Cloud Gaming: PC Air/Race Simulator Controller Redirection
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