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If you want to know what remote access software is, we are here to give you an explanation. Remote access software is a specialized application that enables an Internet connection to be used to provide remote access to computers, networks, or connected peripheral devices. Once a remote connection is established, remote resources such as files, applications, and devices can be used with the same level of functionality enjoyed with a direct physical connection. This article discusses how secure remote access software can be used to solve issues of supporting a physically diverse computing environment.


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software to remotely access another computer

Remote computer access is beneficial for system administrators and enables them to install patches and new software from a central location without physically visiting every machine. It can also be used by technical support teams to remotely access, troubleshoot, and resolve issues with a user’s operating system, application software, or hardware. FlexiHub is a simple and effective remote access software solution that can help businesses of any size be more productive.

FlexiHub as software for remote access

Using FlexiHub as software for remote access enables a user to control multiple, network-connected USB devices from their own personal computer. With this software to remotely access another computer, a single user can simultaneously connect to multiple devices attached to remote computers’ USB and COM ports.

One of the characteristics that sets FlexiHub apart from other programs to remotely access computers is its simplicity and ease of use. Redirecting traffic from a remote USB device can be done with little or no network configuration changes. This makes it easy for non-specialists to easily access and share local devices over the network.

Business Subscription

In cases where a standard Personal subscription is not sufficient for the enterprise requirements, we offer a Business subscription designed to serve the needs of corporate customers and large environments. The business subscription offers many advanced options that include:

✔ The ability to open an unlimited number of connections at once;
✔ An unlimited amount of nodes can be opened simultaneously;
✔ The graphical user interface can be customized to meet business needs;
✔ White labeling to put your corporate brand on the software tool.

My company needs a Business subscription

How to use FlexiHub to establish remote access to a computer

To obtain a Business subscription to FlexiHub or get further information on its features, please contact our sales team. The following demonstration shows how easy it is to use FlexiHub using a non-commercial, Personal subscription.

  1. The first step is to go to the official FlexiHub website and click “Sign UpRegister account
  2. Next, use the interface to create an online FlexiHub account. Create a FlexiHub account
  3. After your account has been created, choose the subscription plan that works for you and begin test-driving the app with a free demo. Choose the plan
  4. Download and install the software on the computer that will be used to remotely connect to other computers or devices. Download FlexiHub
  5. Start the FlexiHub program and use the credentials created when you created your account to log into the software. Login into account

On the remote side:

  1. Install FlexiHub on the remote machine that will be connected to a device. Then, launch FlexiHub and log into the application. Login via token
  2. Physically connect the device that will be accessed remotely to the remote computer. Connect the device

You’re finished! Once you have completed these steps the device will be visible through FlexiHub on both computers. To access the device remotely, all that is needed is to click the “Connect” button next to the name of the selected device.

Who Uses Remote Access Software?

FlexiHub is an adaptable, cross-platform solution that can be used to address a variety of situations that require remote desktop access. Individual users, IT support teams, and businesses of any size can benefit from using this versatile software tool.

FlexiHub offers three different subscription plans to meet customer requirements:

Personal Plan. This plan is designed to be used by individual users and limits the number of connections that can be open at the same time. You will be able to connect to up to three devices simultaneously and freely share local peripherals with other remote users connecting through your FlexiHub account.

Team Plan. With the Team Plan, you create an online Team account that lets you easily manage the connections of customers or colleagues. The centralized account gives teams the flexibility to add or remove team members dynamically, affording control over access to shared peripherals.

Business Plan. The FlexiHub Business Plan provides a customized solution to address enterprise requirements. It offers unlimited connectivity, white-labeling, flexible payment plans, and sub-licensing options. Our team will help customize FlexiHub to your specifications.

More details about these plans can be obtained on the FlexiHub pricing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remote access is a method that enables technical support staffs to access and manage remote systems including computers, servers, mobile devices, and peripherals. With remote access software, you can remotely connect to attended or unattended devices to perform a wide variety of support functions.
Remote access technology is useful to address many aspects of IT support and the needs of a mobile workforce. Technical teams can use remote access software to diagnose and resolve problems with user devices or enterprise systems. Office workers located down the hall or around the world can access computing resources located anywhere with a network connection.

Workers traveling or working from home can use remote access software to stay connected to the rest of their team and obtain the files and documents they need to perform their jobs. Remote access increases the value of peripheral hardware devices and provides increased productivity for support teams.
Remote access software uses the Internet or a local network to establish a connection between local and remote computers or devices. A user who has been authorized for remote access can use their personal device to connect to network-attached servers and perform functions like downloading files, configuring systems, or resolving software issues.
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