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FlexiHub for ECU remote access

Reflashing an automobile’s onboard computer has become a common activity performed by automotive service centers. You might hear this task called reconfiguring, flashing, or reprogramming. FlexiHub enables technicians to perform an ECU reflash without physical proximity to the vehicle.


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Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated Oct 16, 2023

All new vehicles come equipped with a computer responsible for many aspects of their operation. As manufacturers become aware of issues with their automobiles, they provide computer updates to address these problems. The updates are installed by overwriting the current software with updated code. Verified files need to be transferred from a manufacturer’s website to the ECU being updated.

Technicians with the licenses and qualifications to perform these updates may be located a significant distance from the vehicle that needs servicing. Remote flashing of the ECU is possible to save the time and cost of traveling for service. You need a FlexiHub account, an OBD scanner, a USB network adapter, and a laptop with an Internet connection.

Implementing remote ECU reflashing

FlexiHub enables technicians to perform remote ECU reflashing. Using this approach eliminates the expensive and time-consuming travel necessary to physically visit the vehicle. A service expert can remotely access the ECU with an OBD scanner and USB to network card to achieve the identical functionality of a direct physical connection. ECU updates can easily be performed even when local technicians are not available.

A prerequisite for ECU remote access is a vehicle connected to an OBD scanner with network connectivity. Data flows through the network and USB adapter to the laptop. Installing FlexiHub on the laptop makes it possible to access the ECU data via the Internet.

ECU remote access with FlexiHub

  • 1.
    Create a free FlexiHub account using the software’s website and verify the details with an email response.
    register flexihub account
  • 2.
    Download and install FlexiHub on the laptop that will be connected to the vehicle and the machine of the remote technician who will perform the remote ECU flashing.
    download compatible flexihub version
  • 3.
    Connect the OBD scanner to your vehicle.
    connect diagnostic interface to the car
  • 4.
    Use the Network to USB adapter to access the scanner and connect it to the laptop running FlexiHub.
    log in to perform remote diagnostics
  • 5.
    The technician can now use their computer to access the ECU over the Internet. Remote ECU flashing can now be done without a physical visit from the technician.
    diagnostics software checks the remote car

When do you need to reflash your car’s computer?

New vehicles have engine modules programmed to support the manufacturer’s specifications. Drivers may find that these settings do not provide the type of performance they expect from their automobile. This is usually because the ECUs are programmed to address issues such as the use of low-octane fuel, meeting emissions standards, and protecting the engine from lapses in service or neglect. A reflash is done to change performance, fix issues, or configure an aftermarket ECU that has been installed in a vehicle.

Reflashing is typically done for one of the following reasons.

Improving performance – An ECU reflash can improve performance by adjusting the vehicle’s responsiveness and extracting the maximum power from its engine.

Increasing Fuel Economy – ECU updates can affect fuel economy and increase engine efficiency. Optimizing engines by reflashing can dramatically reduce fuel costs for commercial fleet vehicles.

Addressing Vehicle Issues – An ECU update can fix many issues that plague vehicle owners. The reprogramming can help reduce false error codes, problems with starting the automobile, and issues such as unexpected stalling or rough idling.

Flash Tuning and ECU for a Different Vehicle – This type of ECU reflash is done when a secondary market module is installed in an automobile or truck. Flashing the ECU can give it the same configuration as the one originally installed by the manufacturer.

Remote vehicle diagnostics
Now you can get an insight into the vehicle’s state and identify the problem while miles away from the car. Connect to car diagnostics tools over the internet with FlexiHub.
Remote vehicle diagnostics

The benefits of using FlexiHub for remote ECU flashing

Using FlexiHub for remote ECU flashing provides the following benefits:

  • ✅ Data is protected with advanced 2048-bit SSL encryption.

  • ✅ FlexiHub provides fast, high-bandwidth data transfer from anywhere in the world to streamline remote ECU flashing.

  • ✅ No changes are necessary to either the ECU software or the vehicle when accessing data remotely.

  • ✅ FlexiHub is easy to implement and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

  • ✅ FlexiHub can keep dropped connections alive to prevent data loss. The software maintains connectivity information between the remote computer and diagnostic tool so the connection can be reestablished when the network becomes available.
ECU Remote Reflashing with FlexiHub
  • 4.8 overall rank based on 386+ Reviews
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi.
  • 10.45MB Size.
  • Version 6.1.15025. (19 Feb, 2024).
  • Pricing starts $14 per month billed annually