USB over IP
Share USB over TCP/IP

USB over IP - is a software solution for sharing USB devices over TCP/IP network and making them available for use on the remote computers. FlexiHub is an advanced USB over IP software which will help you to share USB devices across TCP/IP and turn your computer into a USB over IP server.

Share USB devices over IP network

  • With FlexiHub you can share connected USB devices over IP, and the other way around – you can access devices attached to remote computers in your network as if they were inserted directly into your machine.

  • With FlexiHub you can manage your devices remotely, i.e. you do not have to be physically present at the remote end to connect or disconnect a device. Your computer becomes a USB over IP hub, and you can view and manage devices attached to the remote computers.

  • Once you connect a USB device to a machine, the software will detect and display its type automatically. When connecting USB over IP, this helps to identify a device - a webcam, printer, scanner, USB hub, etc. – especially if there are multiple devices connected to a single computer.

  • Not only you can share a USB device over IP connected to a computer, you can also block access to any device attached to your local machine. Users on the network will not be able to view and manage it without your permission as it will not be displayed on others’ computers.

USB over IP sharing options

USB over IP via Redirection Server

FlexiHub routes traffic through its own Redirection Server, so it is not required for your computers to have a public IP address. That means, even when computers are not able to discover each other on the network, you will still be able to connect to the shared USB devices over IP and use their functionality remotely.

USB over IP encryption

Advanced 2048-bit SSL encryption is used by FlexiHub when transferring USB data across TCP/IP. Thanks to such extra security measures, there is no need to worry that any valuable data can be intercepted and read by unwanted identities.

Compress USB data

The function of data compression will improve the responsiveness of certain devices when connecting to USB over IP. Especially such feature will be handy for those USB devices that tend to send the uncompressed data.

Cross-platform solution

FlexiHub works on the most common and popular operating systems – it perfectly shares USB over IP on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Moreover, you can connect absolutely different computers to your account. That means, that it is possible to share USB over IP on Linux, and then connect to that device on Mac.

Easily connect one or more remote USB devices over IP

What customers say
  • With Flexihub I'm able to print remotely, reports I prepared at home from my office printer. This software is exactly what I needed at this point!
    Cassandra Ali, Team Lead Manager

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Go cross platform!
Not only is FlexiHub a global solution, it also lets you share and access remote devices throughout Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.