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Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated Mar 13, 2024

Online Vehicle Diagnostics Explanation and TOP Solutions

Automotive diagnostics tools are designed to identify and correct issues that impact the performance of a vehicle’s systems and components. In many cases, the information provided by a vehicle diagnostics app can only be understood with the help of a trained technician.

Using an online vehicle diagnostic solution eliminates the need for an onsite technician to read the information. An expert can reliably receive the online vehicle diagnosis over the network in real-time. The key to performing online automotive diagnostics is establishing the necessary connectivity between the tool and the technician.

Online Car Diagnostics with FlexiHub

FlexiHub is a versatile connectivity solution that works with any kind of diagnostic hardware. You can easily develop applications to provide remote vehicle diagnostics online to a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Connecting vehicles remotely with FlexiHub requirements

Step-by-step guide

Use the following steps to perform online vehicle diagnostics with FlexiHub.

  • 1.
    Create a FlexiHub account using the software’s website. You will need to verify your account by responding to an email.
    register flexihub account
  • 2.
    Download and install FlexiHub on the machine that is connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic interface and the remote technician’s computer.
    download compatible flexihub version
  • 3.
    Connect the diagnostic tool to the vehicle to locate the issue and to a local computer running FlexiHub.
    connect diagnostic interface to the car
  • 4.
    Log into the FlexiHub account on both computers. After connectivity is established, the diagnostic tool will appear as though it is directly connected to the remote computer.
    log in to perform remote diagnostics
  • 5.
    The remote technician uses FlexiHub’s interface to connect to the diagnostic device and can perform tests as if they were onsite.
    diagnostics software checks the remote car

FlexiHub also can let you to make remote ECU reflash. Visit our guide to learn more.

Catalog of diagnostic scanners confirmed for FlexiHub compatibility

Nexiq USB-Link 2 Autel MaxiSys Ultra
VAS5054A CarDAQ Plus 3
Scanmatik 2 PRO Autel MaxiVCI V200
Tactrix Openport 2.0 VxDiag VCX SE
VAS6154A Scania VCI3
Autel MaxiFlash Elite OBDLink EX
Autel MaxiFlash JVCI+ Mongoose Pro JLR

The Best Three Online Vehicle Diagnostic Solutions

The following are three of the best solutions for performing vehicle diagnostics online.

OBD Auto Doctor

OBD Auto Doctor offers users an advanced OBD2 automotive diagnostics solution. The tool is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android machines. This OBD2 diagnostic software turns a computer or laptop into a versatile vehicle diagnostics tool.

Auto Doctor enables users to query and reset automotive alert codes. It’s an excellent tool for individuals who want to gain a deeper understanding of their automobiles. It lets you turn off the check engine light and monitor data for a selected length of time.

Benefits of OBD Auto Doctor include:
  • The ability to view real-time OBD2 indicators to identify problems;
  • An interface that provides OBD2 data in imperial or metric units through a graphical or numerical representation;
  • A freeze frame of diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) to document vehicle conditions when an issue occurs;
  • The capacity to send OBD2 data via email;
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption and emissions;
  • Reading vehicle identification numbers (VINs);
  • An internal DTC database that covers over 14,000 alarm codes.
Remote vehicle diagnostics
Now you can get an insight into the vehicle’s state and identify the problem while miles away from the car. Connect to car diagnostics tools over the internet with FlexiHub.
Remote vehicle diagnostics

AutoEnginuity's ScanTool

AutoEnginuity’s ScanTool is a Windows-based online vehicle diagnostic solution with coverage options for more than 40 different automobile manufacturers. Users consider these options to be the most important feature of the tool. ScanTool provides professional-grade scanning and diagnostic functionality.

The application gives technicians access to data regarding many automotive components including ABS systems, airbags, the instrument cluster, and transmission. It provides the ability to view online data, perform system tests, and retrieve and clear trouble codes. Adaptive resets and bi-directional controls facilitate using the tool effectively.

Other features of the tool include:
  • A user-friendly interface that allows users to pan or zoom and display multiple plots on a single graph;
  • The ability to print DTC and IM/Mode 6 data in report format to assist in determining necessary and optional repairs;
  • Multiple data views that include XML for browsers and CSV for spreadsheets;
  • The capacity to view logs online or offline;
  • Display of sensor data with customizable parameters such as sampling rate, unit, scaling value, and range;
  • The ability to set audio trigger points.


Autocom is a Swedish company focused on developing innovative car diagnostic solutions. They were one of the first companies to provide a reliable method of online vehicle diagnostics. Their solution has been used by Bilprovningen, a Swedish automotive testing company, since 2010. Autocom is a flexible service that works with all types of hardware and can be integrated with vehicle diagnostics apps that run on computers or mobile devices.

Autocom has been in business for over 30 years and its products have been used to diagnose problems with millions of vehicles. The tools can be used for various purposes such as providing roadside assistance, telematics, and vehicle inspections. The company will customize the online diagnostics services to fit its customers’ requirements. Autocom is a suitable solution for one-man operations and large automotive service centers.

Online vehicle diagnostics with FlexiHub
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  • Version 6.1.15025. (19 Feb, 2024).
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