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Fingerprint Scanner
Ganiu Abdurahman Ganiu Abdurahman Last updated Mar 1, 2023

Use One Fingerprint Scanner for All Computers in the Network

Since each human fingerprint is practically unique, they effectively identify people. That said, a fingerprint scanner is an electronic security system that employs fingerprints for biometric authentication when granting access to information or approving transactions.

Using fingerprint scanners allows the identification and authentication of a person's fingerprint biometrics. Scanners and fingerprint readers are secure and dependable tools for security authentication.

Fingerprint scanners are now another security feature for mobile devices, thanks to improvements in technology. Why would you use a fingerprint scanner? Many like it because of its safety, ease, and progressive feel instead of punching in pins to gain access.

Scenarios of why you may need to access a fingerprint scanner remotely

Users may need to access a remote fingerprint scanner for procedures such as examination check-in, monitoring lecture attendance, and conference participant attendance, among others.

The interesting part is that technologies have continued to emerge. And individuals now have access to a remote fingerprint scanner through these technological advancements. It will also interest you to know that you can now use one fingerprint scanner for all PCs on a network.

Biometric Access Control System
If you want more information about remote control in biometric access systems, push the button below. FlexiHub can help to connect your biometric devices to one point and manage them remotely.
Biometric access desktop

Third-party software for the remote fingerprint scanner

The simplest method to share access to hardware fingerprint scanners would be to use FlexiHub, which enables network sharing and connections of remote scanners. Scanners, printers, keyboards, Bluetooth adapters, and other USB and serial devices are supported by the software.

The program is user-friendly and compatible with the Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android operating systems.

With FlexiHub, connecting remote devices to a local computer's USB port is simple. You don't have to be skilled in IT to complete the setup procedure, which is simple.

All peripherals attached to the local computer will appear in the interface after you establish and configure your FlexiHub account, and you can access them remotely.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to share a USB scanner over the network through FlexiHub.
  • 1.
    Create a FlexiHub account.
    create a FlexiHub account
  • 2.
    Set up the application on every PC that requires access to a shared scanner.
    Set up the application
  • 3.
    Next, launch FlexiHub and input your login details on each computer connecting to a scanner. blank
  • 4.
    Locate the USB scanner and select "Connect" in the FlexiHub box on a different computer.
    Locate the USB scanner and select Connect
  • 5.
    You're all set! The scanner will now be recognized by your computer as though it were connected directly. blank

How to unlock your computer with a phone fingerprint scanner

You may use your smartphone's fingerprint scanner to unlock your PC. It works as a perfect wireless remote fingerprint scanner device for pc, if it has one. To make this work, you only need an app for your smartphone and a similar module for your computer.

Unlock Windows PC with Android fingerprint scanner over network

It is a form of resource sharing that utilizes your smartphone fingerprint to unlock your PC; thus, the two devices need to be connected to the internet. You should therefore have a few items ready before continuing with this guide.

  • You should already have a password set up for your Windows user account. For this to be functional, there should, at the very least, be a text-based default password.
  • To make it function, your Android device must run at least Android 6.0 or Marshmallow.
  • You should link your Android and Windows computers to the same Wi-Fi network, if not the same network itself.
Below is a step-by-step procedure of how to utilize remote fingerprint unlock applications on Android to unlock Windows.
  • 1.
    The first thing you would need to do is download two applications: one for your Android device and the other, the Windows module for the application, for your computer. In this example we use the Remote Fingerprint Unlock application.
    download two applications

    Image Credit: Remote Fingerprint Unlock in Google Play Store

  • 2.
    You must first know your system architecture before you can continue with the download of the windows program for this guide.

    To know your system architecture, click open ‘system’ within the control panel.
  • 3.
    Lock your system by hitting "Windows key + L" or through the Start menu once you have installed the Windows application and the Android app. On the Windows lock screen, click the "Fingerprint Unlock" button.
  • 4.
    Click open the Remote Fingerprint Unlock application on your Android, and you'll see the screen that follows. Tap "Scan" to expedite the process.
  • 5.
    You will now be presented with a blank screen. Click the "+" icon to include a new system for unlocking, and click "By Scanning". This will scan the network's computers. You can also literally input the IP address of your system to add it.
  • 6.
    The computer's name should appear in the list or the scan results if you're through with installing the Windows program. Tap it.
  • 7.
    Select "Connect by IP" after which you must input the IP address of your PC on your Wi-Fi network and press "Save." The "ipconfig" command can be entered in the "Command Prompt" to find your computer's IP address.
  • 8.
    A help dialog will display, where you must click on "Accounts" to indicate which account on your PC you want to unlock.
  • 9.
    Here, select "Add Account" which should be the choice that corresponds to your computer's name.
  • 10.
    Press "OK" in the following dialogue box, and then enter your account's name and password. Touch the fingerprint sensor on your finger once to confirm your identification before tapping "Save."
  • 11.
    You must then confirm the session. Verify the "Session ID" that is shown on the application with the one that is shown on your Windows lock screen. Click "Proceed" if all is okay.
  • 12.
    You can select "Unlock" by tapping on the hamburger menu, which is represented by the menu icon with three horizontal lines.
  • 13.
    You can now click on the network fingerprint scanner on your smartphone to unlock your Windows computer instantly.

Now you may easily unlock your computer by using the Remote Fingerprint Unlock application.

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Use Samsung Flow to unlock Windows PC

Samsung Flow

Image Credit: Official Samsung Flow website

The Samsung Flow only unlocks Windows PCs if you own a Samsung smartphone and computer. The application was built by the Samsung company for Samsung users only.

The Apple Continuity detail, which links the Mac and iPhone/iPad devices and enables simultaneous auto-unlocking of both devices, inspired Samsung's application development. Remote unlocking is simple with a connected Samsung smartphone and Windows 10 computer.

At the onset, the app was only available on Samsung Computers/laptops, but as time went by, it extended to support other computers that operate Windows 10. Nonetheless, you must own a Samsung smartphone to unlock your computer.

Samsung Galaxy S5 to more recent ones, such as Note 10+, support the Samsung Flow app.

Below is a step-by-step guide on setting up the remote unlock feature with your Samsung smartphone fingerprint scanner.
  • 1.
    On your Android smartphone, download Samsung Flow from Google Play.
  • 2.
    From the Microsoft Store, download the Samsung Flow PC client.
  • 3.
    Turn Bluetooth on in both your Windows computer and Android mobile. Ensure your smartphone's visibility is enabled. The devices can also be linked together using a USB cable or Wi-Fi.
  • 4.
    Click on Start and pair your Android device with your Windows computer to launch the Samsung Flow application.
  • 5.
    Verify the passcodes that show on both screens to establish the connection.

Once the connection is established, you must allow Windows unlocking on your computer and your Samsung smartphone.

Below is a guide on unlocking a Windows computer with an Android smartphone employing the Samsung Flow app.
  • 1.
    On your Samsung mobile, click open the Samsung Flow application.
  • 2.
    Select Settings by tapping the three dots symbol.
  • 3.
    Click on Manage Devices.
  • 4.
    Select the connected Windows computer, then click on the gear icon.
  • 5.
    Click on the "Unlocked phone (simple unlock)" toggle. Additionally, "Samsung Pass" can be enabled to set up biometric login for the app.
  • 6.
    Give the app access to the device's administrator provisions and other licenses.
  • 7.
    Open the Samsung Flow app on your Windows computer, then click on the menu symbol with three dots.
  • 8.
    Make "Windows Screen Unlock" active.
  • 9.
    Use your PC password to log in.
  • 10.
    Then, use your Samsung mobile to verify authorization.

Your Windows 10 computer will recognize Samsung Flow as an approved Windows Hello vendor. Click open the application on your Samsung smartphone anytime you want to unlock your computer and verify with your fingerprint. Anytime you unlock your Samsung smartphone while it is linked to the same network, your computer will do the same.


In sum, the use cases of network fingerprint scanners are enormous, but importantly, they are secure and reliable for any security verification.

There are quite a lot of reasons why users may need to access fingerprint scanners remotely; some of these include examination check-in, monitoring lecture attendance, conference participant attendance, etc.

This content also identifies FlexiHub as the easiest way to share access to hardware fingerprint scanners, as it allows network sharing and connection of remote scanners. The software is user-friendly, and it works on Windows, Linux, Maco, and Android operating systems.

Lastly, the article highlighted the different ways to unlock your computer with your phone fingerprint scanner. We hope you find this article helpful.

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