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FlexiHub joins the fight against COVID-19. Together, we will win!

Electronic Team Electronic Team Last updated Jun 16, 2021

FlexiHub is a top-tier software product for safe and easy remote access to USB and serial port devices over all distances. We contribute to combating the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing our front-line technology to help run mass vaccination events.

In the last couple of years, the world has undergone substantial changes. Things that seemed impossible are right here in front of us. Humankind had to face the infectious disease COVID-19 caused by the newly discovered deadly virus. The whole world was gripped by panic, the number of severely affected persons was increasing exponentially, and the medics stepped up to take the heat. They have to endure extremely long working hours with little rest, and exposure to a high risk of contracting the disease.

Electronic Team professionals from the FlexiHub squad just couldn't stay on the sidelines and are always ready to lend a helping hand to those currently taking all possible steps to get rid of COVID entirely and permanently.

FlexiHub helps to ward off COVID

Lots of modern experimental and medical equipment greatly relies on computer technology and requires unfailing and secure access to databases. And though medical ID cards sure make things much easier for both patients and doctors, they can’t be processed without a card reader and some data exchange with a remote database server. Given these facts, there is no doubt that a handy remote access tool is a must-have.

FlexiHub is our flagship product we constantly improve. The new update with RDP support will become a great tool for your needs.

Here’s how FlexiHub helped to ward off COVID

Thanks to FlexiHub, a doctor’s office was able to handle a vaccination event in Germany for 3000 people complying with all required sanitary measures and safety standards. They had multiple PCs in the remote vaccination location, each with the connected chipcard reader for medical ID cards.

connect  remote computers  to RDP server

Using FlexiHub, they were able to connect all those remote computers and card readers to a specific RDP server so that doctors could instantly get all the medical data needed to make sure the vaccination is safe for this specific person.

For all time of the event, FlexiHub proved to be perfectly fit to handle traffic from all machines at a time with no lags or glitches whatsoever. And the app’s data encryption algorithm is fully in line with the security standards for personal data processing.

What our clients have to say about their FlexiHub experience

Remote access to USB and serial port devices over all distances
Chrysovalantis Kantzeloglou:

Really great and easy stuff!
We are also very grateful for your help and support !!!
I really need to say it worked like a charm, no probs at all!!
Really really thank you from all the doctors and all the medical assistant workers and medical staff!!
Dr. Udo Hahn:

Perfect work ... it was so helpfull as we could do the job in a school gym 10 miles away of the doctors office and we could work with these health id usb card readers like we do it in the doctors office locally .. perfect!

So whatever the future holds, we will get through this together. FlexiHub team is fully prepared to face any new challenge with all the necessary resources, technology, and experience at the ready. Just let us know what you need, and we'll do our best to make it happen!

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