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How to Remotely Reprogram Hearing Aids with FlexiHub

Providing care for patients with hearing aids can be simplified with remote access technology. FlexiHub is a remote access solution that enables medical professionals to reprogram hearing aids from anywhere, eliminating the need for patients to travel to local clinics.
How to Remotely Reprogram Hearing Aids with FlexiHub


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The remote access issue and the solution

  • A patient with a hearing aid that needs to be reprogrammed can attach the equipment to a computer or an Android device using an OTG cable. The USB device can then be shared over the Internet, allowing remote access by technicians or healthcare practitioners.

  • With remote connectivity, an audiologist can use a network-attached computer and access the hearing aid as if they had a physical connection. The software used to reprogram the USB-connected hearing aid works as if it was physically attached to the device with no latency or degraded performance.

Remote Hearing Aid access with FlexiHub

FlexiHub facilitates the remote connectivity necessary to perform this remote reprogramming. The following steps illustrate the process.
Step 1

Hearing aid > FlexiHub > Internet

A patient connects their hearing aid that needs servicing to a compatible device. The patient installs FlexiHub on their computer and shares the hearing aid over the Internet via a USB connection. Some manufacturers have incorporated FlexiHub into portable hardware devices that eliminate the need to install the program.
Step 2

Service > FlexiHub > Hearing Aid

An audiologist, also running FlexiHub, connects to the hearing aid over the network. Connectivity is established with just one click and provides the same access as if the hearing aid was directly connected to the audiologist’s computer. 
Step 3

Remote setup with FlexiHub

The audiologist uses their reprogramming software to make the necessary adjustments to the patient’s hearing aid. Using additional technology such as a video or audio chat, the medical professional can perform all the required tasks without physically touching the device.
Learn more about the scenario by reading our interview Medgadget about reprogramming of hearing aid devices.

Choose the appropriate subscription for your service center

FlexiHub offers customers a free demo period during which they can evaluate its functionality and performance. When the demo period is complete, you can select a Personal, Business, or Team subscription plan based on your needs.

The requirements of remote hearing aid reprogramming services are best met with the pay-as-you-go Business plan or the subscription-based Teams plan.

Business Plan

With the Business Plan, you can purchase a package of Sessions (one-time connections to remote hearing aid devices) and use the FlexiHub Service until your Sessions end up.

Team Plan

The Team Plan will let you create a dedicated account for a team of technicians that will be able to establish an unlimited number of Sessions with client devices during the selected subscription period.

Here’s how the two plans differ:

Number of computers
Number of concurrent remote connections
Number of Sessions
Billing model
4.8 Rank based on 386+ Reviews

FlexiHub’s benefits


Work over RDP

USB devices can easily be forwarded over an RDP channel from a physical computer to a virtual desktop with FlexiHub. Valuable peripherals like hearing aids can be connected to a remote desktop whenever you need to access them.



All FlexiHub connections are secured with industry-grade 256-bit SSL encryption. There is no danger involved with patients sharing sensitive device data over the network. The data transmissions are not stored by FlexiHub. It simply forms a secure conduit between a patient’s remote hearing aid and an audiologist’s computer running reprogramming software.


Flexible pricing

FlexiHub offers multiple proving options to fit your personal or business needs. Based on the number of connections you need, the Business or Team plan may be your best choice.


Real-time communication

FlexiHub features FlexiChat to establish real-time communication between technicians and patients. Patient care and satisfaction are improved with this ability to communicate easily.

Work with hearing aids remotely
  • 4.8 overall rank based on 386+ Reviews
  • Windows, macOS, Linux and Android
  • 10.76MB Size.
  • Version 7.0.15125. (3 Jun, 2024).
  • Pricing starts $14 per month billed annually