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FlexiHub Alternatives: Top Picks 2024

This article will look at FlexiHub alternatives that provide some of the same features and functionality. We will point out the main features and cost of these alternatives to FlexiHub. If you are looking for similar software to FlexiHub, you should consider one of the following alternative recommendations.

FlexiHub Alternatives: Top Picks 2024
Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated Mar 31, 2022

A few words about FlexiHub

FlexiHub is a program that facilitates remote access to USB devices by using a so-called USB forwarding technique.

💡 USB forwarding is a technology that enables USB data to be transferred over a TCP/IP network. Users can access USB devices using this method even if their computer is not connected to these devices directly.

USB Network Gate - for USB-over-LAN sharing

USB Network Gate is an application that lets users connect USB devices over the network to remote computers and use them as if it was a direct physical connection. USB Network Gate makes USB peripherals accessible from anywhere in the world over LAN, WAN, or the Internet.

usb network gate
The tool shares USB ports rather than specific devices so that any equipment plugged into a shared interface is immediately available over the network. Any number of USB devices can be shared from a local machine. Each shared device is recognized as a locally-attached peripheral on the remote client machines.
Main differences with FlexiHub
USB Network Gate FlexiHub
14-day free trial 30-day free demo
Shares USB ports Shares USB and serial devices
Works over LAN and WAN (for WAN requires additional settings configuration) Requires constant internet connection (so, does not work over LAN). Thanks to the proxy (redirection) server, does not require any settings adjustment when sharing USB devices over the Internet
Licensing model: perpetual license Licensing model: subscription
Notable features of USB Network Gate include:
  • Support for the RDP and ICA protocols;
  • Encryption of USB traffic for increased security;
  • Authorization passwords can be set to control access to devices;
  • Access to shared USB devices from remote desktops, virtual machines, and blade servers.
The server and client portions of this FlexiHub alternative are combined into a single application. The client code necessary to remotely share devices can be installed as a stand-alone app.

USB Network Gate is licensed as a one-time purchase. A free 14-day trial is available after which the price starts at $159.95. Custom pricing is available for corporate accounts.

Donglify - for connecting the security dongles

Donglify focuses on sharing dongles or USB security keys among multiple network-connected systems. It is not as versatile as some other FlexiHub alternative apps but is an excellent solution for unlocking the software functionality protected by security dongles.

Donglify’s features include:
  • The ability to share dongles anywhere with just a few clicks;
  • Creating login tokens to share access to dongles without compromising account credentials;
  • Connect to security dongles from virtual machines;
  • 2048-bit SSL encryption protects data transmission;
  • Access dongles from machines with no USB port;
  • Protects dongles from physical wear and tear.
Donglify is essentially a limited version of FlexiHub focused exclusively on sharing dongles. It’s priced on a subscription basis that starts at $29 per month with custom enterprise plans available by request.

Serial to Ethernet Connector - for advanced serial-network access

Serial to Ethernet Connector is part of our list of FlexiHub alternatives due to its ability to share and connect serial port devices over a network.

This tool cannot be used to share USB devices but as the name says - it is made for sharing and connecting serial port devices. While FlexiHub can share serial ports (only Windows version), Serial to Ethernet Connector can do it much better thanks to its reach settings.

serial to ethernet connector
The main features of Serial to Ethernet Connector include:
  • Support for sharing serial or COM ports over a network using virtualization technology;
  • Virtual ports fully emulate and provide the functionality of physical serial interfaces;
  • Devices shared over virtual ports act as if they are directly connected to the remote client machine;
  • Create as many virtual serial ports as needed.
Licenses for Serial to Ethernet Connector are available for a one-time purchase price starting at $259.95. Alternate plans are available for corporate accounts and use with virtual machines.

USB Redirector

Another alternative to FlexiHub is USB Redirector. The tool lets you access remote devices as if they had a direct connection to your Windows machine. The app is licensed per USB server, meaning there is a charge for each computer that has a direct connection.

usb redirector
Noteworthy features of USB Redirector include:
  • The app runs in the background as a service;
  • The program acts as a USB server and client;
  • Free client code is available to connect to licensed USB servers.
You can test the app with a 15-day free trial. Licenses for single computers start at $74.99 for use with two USB devices. Prices increase based on the number of devices you need to share simultaneously.


VirtualHere eliminates the need to plug USB devices directly into your computer’s ports. The software enables users to interact with remotely located USB devices as if they had a direct physical connection to the equipment.

This tool supports sharing USB devices on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android systems. The software also enables sharing of network-attached storage (NAS) devices.

VirtualHere’s features include:
  • Support for a wide variety of NAS devices;
  • macOS and Android support;
  • Client software requires minimal installation and runs on each endpoint.
A free trial is available and a license for VirtualHere costs $49. It is worth a look if you need to share NAS devices remotely.

USB/IP - free & open-source

The USB/IP Project is the only open-source FlexiHub alternative on the list that can be used to share USB devices over a network running the TCP/IP protocol.

This free FlexiHub alternative does not provide the same level of functionality as commercial tools. USB/IP is designed primarily for use with the Linux operating system and requires users to be familiar with the terminal and invest some time to master the tool.

usb/ip project
Here are some of the potential issues users may face with this free FlexiHub serial alternative solution:
  • The software is rarely updated;
  • Support is provided through community forums only;
  • More complex installation and operation than commercial alternatives.
Users can download USB/IP from GitHub for free. Due to its complexity and lack of updates, this program is not one of our top alternatives to FlexiHub.
Connect to USB over network with one click
  • 4.8 overall rank based on 386+ Reviews
  • Requirements: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi.
  • 10.45MB Size.
  • Version 6.1.15025. (19 Feb, 2024).
  • Pricing starts $14 per month billed annually
Connect to USB over network with one click