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Connect to remote USB devices from any location
Access USB Devices Remotely
Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated Nov 2, 2021

Connect to remote USB devices from any location

FlexiHub is a software application that allows you to connect to remote USB and provides access to a wide range of devices over the Internet. With FlexiHub you will establish a remote USB connection between locally-attached USB devices with remote computers in just a couple of clicks!

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How to access USB remotely with FlexiHub?

FlexiHub gives you a way to connect to the same USB device from different platforms. The software lets you access remote USB over the network on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android devices.

Here are the steps:
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    Install FlexiHub on all machines that need shared access to the device and the app will help you connect to this peripheral from different computers over the network.
    Start the application and log into your FlexiHub account
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    Once launched, you will see the list of all USB devices physically connected to your machine, including the one you need.

    Note: When you start the app, your device gets shared automatically and you don’t need to make any additional configurations to make the device available for remote access. The only exception is HID devices which are Locked by default for security reasons and need to be unlocked to be shared.

    list of all remote USB devices
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    Now, you should download and launch FlexiHub on the computer from which you will connect to the remote USB using the software. blank
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    All you need to do to achieve this is log in to your account on the client machine and click the Connect button next to the required device. That’s it! blank

What makes connecting to remote USBs possible

Communications over a Tunnel Server

Tunnel Servers for 2x Faster Device Redirection FlexiHub offers a one-of-a-kind feature called Tunnel Server. It allows connecting to remote USB ports of computers that do not have a public IP address. It means that connecting remote USB devices from different subnetworks is possible with a few clicks without the need for configuring any additional settings.

Encrypted channels for data transfer

Thanks to the 2048-bit SSL encryption used by the software, you can be sure that all data sent by a remote USB device will stay safe and won’t be acquired by any third-party.

Access account via Tokens

FlexiHub provides you with the ability to generate login tokens so that other users can securely access your account without you sharing the email and password.

Automatic identification of device type

When you connect a peripheral to your computer's USB port, the software recognizes the device type automatically and shows the device as the one available for remote USB connection.

Sending and receiving compressed data

If forwarding USB to a remote node, you may want to compress your data to speed up the interaction with the remote machine. This is easy to achieve with FlexiHub that lets you choose between the best speed and best size traffic compression options.

USB redirection over the UDP protocol

When a direct connection between two nodes is not possible, FlexiHub may use a UDP channel and UDP hole punching technique to let two computers that are hidden behind NATs connect successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

FlexiHub works with USB devices of virtually any type, including audio and video devices, USB security dongles, communication devices, etc.
No, you can access a remote USB port and device from only one machine at a time.
Access USB Devices
  • 4.8 overall rank based on 78+ users
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi. 8.97MB Size.
  • Version 5.3.14268. (20 Oct, 2021).
  • Pricing starts from $14/month