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Olga Weis Olga Weis Last updated May 31, 2024

FlexiHub's Innovative Approach to Hospital Patient Monitoring

Cost-effective and centralized monitoring of hospital patients

Patients often require 24-hour monitoring due to various risks, such as falling. Traditionally, this involved employing in-room patient care sitters, employed with the hospital to observe patient activities and prevent harm. However, while effective, this method is costly and uses valuable hospital resources that could be allocated elsewhere. Thus, healthcare providers are always looking for a more cost-effective alternative.

Introducing Patient Video Monitoring Systems

Adoption of remote centralized monitoring systems is a promising solution for this issue. These systems utilize hospital patient video monitoring technologies integrated with a FHIR server, allowing medical staff to observe patients remotely. The cameras installed in patient rooms include two-way speaker systems for communication between patients and caregivers. The live feed setup not only serves to maintain safety, but it also reduces healthcare costs by optimizing personnel use.

FlexiHub: An Affordable Solution for Centralized Monitoring

FlexiHub stands out as a particularly effective software solution for centralized patient monitoring without the prohibitive costs of traditional systems. By utilizing existing resources like webcams and computers, FlexiHub allows for the creation of a robust monitoring network. It lets a single healthcare professional monitor multiple patients from one workstation, significantly reducing the need for physical presence in the patient's room.

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Security and Efficiency with FlexiHub

Communication and data transfer via FlexiHub are secured with 2048-bit SSL encryption, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential. Additionally, FlexiHub offers data compression to reduce the load on the network, which is particularly beneficial when using devices that don’t have a compression option by default. FlexiHub also utilizes its own proxy server to manage video traffic, which eliminates the need for public IP addresses on monitoring computers.

Benefits to Healthcare Facilities

Adopting centralized video monitoring systems like FlexiHub can significantly reduce the incidence of patient falls - a major issue in hospitals across the United States. By leveraging technology, healthcare providers can improve patient safety and satisfaction while efficiently using their workforce. Although initial resistance to new technologies can be a barrier, the positive outcomes of reducing falls and improving care quality with centralized monitoring have been proven to outweigh these concerns.


The successful integration of technologies such as FlexiHub in a hospital setting demonstrates its potential to enhance patient monitoring while reducing costs and workload on staff. This hybrid approach of combining technology with human care is setting new standards in healthcare, ensuring that high-risk patients receive the attention they need without the exhaustive use of hospital resources.

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