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FlexiHub 7.0 with QUIC support

Electronic Team Electronic Team Last updated Jun 3, 2024

FlexiHub 7.0 is now even better at connecting remote USB and serial port hardware thanks to the QUIC network protocol. QUIC alleviates some of the issues with NAT by circumventing it. Encapsulation effectively allows the protocol to establish a UDP tunnel through NAT, making it possible to create and maintain a connection.

FlexiHub 7.0 with QUIC support

How QUIC Has Changed FlexiHub 7.0

  • Faster: HOL blocking and long connection times are no longer a concern.
  • More Reliable: Switching between networks is now a smooth process.
  • Safer: Transferred data now has additional encryption to fight data leaks.
  • Better Suited to NAT: Network Address Translation setups work better with QUIC, and the previous complexities associated with this method should no longer apply.

Benefits for Users

In practical terms, this is what users switching to FlexiHub 7.0 with QUIC can expect:

  • Improved convenience and performance when managing devices
  • Heightened protection from data being compromised
  • Less disruption in environments with low network stability

The use of QUIC in FlexiHub 7.0 is another example of the efforts to integrate modern technology into user-friendly solutions on part of Electronic Team, Inc. FlexiHub is determined to remain the primary choice of countless satisfied customers, even in the face of major changes in the field of network software.

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  • 4.8 overall rank based on 386+ Reviews
  • Requirements: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi.
  • 10.76MB Size.
  • Version 7.0.15125. (3 Jun, 2024).