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Keep your remote connections active with FlexiHub 3.3 update!

Electronic Team Electronic Team Last updated Oct 21, 2018

We are happy to announce that along with numerous performance improvements the FlexiHub 3.3 update brings a new outstanding feature, which lets you Keep connections active even when your computer temporarily disconnects from the Internet.

Keep connections active

Now, if you enable the new feature in the Options menu, you won’t have to worry that your connections with remote USB devices will be immediately broken when your machine is suddenly disconnected from the Internet. Thanks to the new option, all of your connections will still be active for a few minutes. And if the Internet connection is restored shortly, you’ll be able to continue your work right from where you were.

The new option will be especially helpful for those who use FlexiHub for remote reprogramming and configuring of USB devices and those who rely on FlexiHub to copy files from remote USB drives.

In addition, FlexiHub 3.3 offers new drivers with fixes for better stability and lots of bug fixes that improve the app performance when sharing USB 3.0 devices and USB network cards.

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  • Requirements: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi.
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