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What software gurus say

"In simple words, FlexiHub is a platform that joins multiple computers, scanners or other digital input devices into a distributed Cloud of USB and serial ports. By installing a piece of client software, anyone can connect their computers (Windows, Mac and Linux) to FlexiHub. It is evolving into a central device hub with millions of virtual USB and serial ports accessible for your personal, business, medical and particularly collective impact data management needs."
"FlexiHub is an application that allows users to access the one USB port among other computers connected in a single account. Not limited to the local network via LAN or WiFi, FlexiHub can help you to access computers in home or in the office. "
"It doesn't matter where shared ports with devices are; they can be across the road, in the same room, or across the globe. FlexiHub allows management of remote devices, connection and disconnection are held without user's physical presence at the USB or serial port."
"Puedes acceder de forma remota a un puerto USB de otro equipo conectado a tu misma red de una forma sencilla, siempre y cuando ambos equipos tengan instalado FlexiHub. De esta forma, podrás usar tanto el contenido como la funcionalidad del dispositivo USB, como si estuviera conectado a tu propio equipo. La solución es multiplataforma y puedes hacer uso de ella en Mac OS X, Windows y por supuesto, Linux."
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