USB over LAN: professional software solutions to access remote USB devices

Among the numerous ways of sharing USB over LAN there are hardware and software solutions. You can use a hardware solution to share USB over LAN in order to access your devices on remote and virtual machines. It is a great solution however it also requires you have cables and additional devices attached to any computer you have to share USB devices from. In this article, we describe two high-grade utility that allows you to share USB over a local network or the Internet.

If you have a problem with the remote access to USB devices, read on to find out about how to share USB devices over LAN and connect to them remotely.

FlexiHub - USB to LAN
connector software.


Windows, macOS, Linux, Android
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Another option to share USB over LAN and access USB over LAN is a software solution called FlexiHub.

The advantage of a software USB to LAN connector is that it allows avoiding unnecessary clutter, gives you a lot of flexibility, and doesn't physically limit the number of devices you can share. FlexiHub is the only application you'll need - no cables, devices, additional driver installations, simply share and access USB over LAN and use it anywhere in the world.

So let's see how to connect USB over LAN with FlexiHub

  1. First of all head over to the developers' website, create a free account and sign up for a trial.

  2. Download FlexiHub for Windows, Mac, Android, or Linux. Isn't it great that the solution is cross-platform?

  3. Install the software on the computer where the USB (or COM-port) devices are physically You will also need another installation of FlexiHub on a computer (or a virtual machine) where you are going to access and use the shared device.

  4. Log into your FlexiHub account on both machines participating in connection. Share a USB device to LAN.

  5. On a remote (or virtual) computer locate the shared device you will be using and click Connect.

  6. That's where you are going to be sharing USB to LAN

Easily share USB over LAN via
USB Network Gate

If you do not have any Internet access at all, then USB Network Gate is definitely should be taken into account. One of its main features and fortes in comparison with FlexiHub is an ability to work via a local network only when FlexiHub needs an unbroken Internet connection to share a device over LAN. Another great feature of USB Network Gate is the ability to tunnel USB traffic over the RDP protocol, which will undoubtedly come in handy.

USB Network Gate
  1. Install USB Network Gate on the machine with a physical connection to the device to be shared.

  2. Launch the application and select the “Share local USB devices” tab. Choose the device you want to share from the list provided.

  3. Click “Share” after selecting the device and make any configuration changes that are required.

  4. Click the “Share” button again to make the USB device available to other networked computers. Sharing a device over the Internet requires that the sharing computer’s external IP address is visible to other users.

Now you can easily access USB over LAN just as if it was physically present on a remote machine or in a virtual environment. Your account is password-protected so that only authorized users can access shared devices. Also, you always have an option to lock the shared device for the time you don't want it to be accessed remotely.


Requirements: Windows XP/2003/2008/Vista/7/8/10/Server 2012
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