1. Connections
Select the exact number of connections that you need to be able to create at a time.
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2. Your subscription plan
Annual Subscription Fee: $159.99
The subscription period starts after a 7-day trial. You do not get charged once you start the trial.
Unless you cancel FlexiHub subscription before the end of your 7-day trial, you acquire a paid subscription and get charged $159.99 yearly. You may cancel the paid subscription at any time.
One-time payment: $319.98
Make a one-time payment of twice the value of your annual FlexiHub subscription and use the service for a lifetime period. Lifetime Subscription comes without a trial period and will cost you $319.98 once you sign up.
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The Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer a free trial?

    Yes, a paid subscription goes with the free 7-day trial period at the beginning of the subscription where you're given service for free until the first bill is issued. You won't be charged until your trial ends and can cancel the subscription at any time.

    NB: the free 7-day trial period does not apply to a Lifetime Subscription. Please be sure to test a regular subscription before considering purchasing a lifetime option.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    You can do it either from your Account Settings (Account > Settings > Change Subscription > Want to cancel your subscription? Click here.) or using the special link provided in the order confirmation email.

  • Can I switch, increase or modify my subscription plans?

    Quantites and/or features of the underlying plan can be changed by buying a new subscription. The underlying subscription should be cancelled to avoid double billing.

  • What defines a connection?

    FlexiHub is licensed according to concurrently connected devices. For example, you can install it on 100 machines but pay for a 10-connection subscription if you anticipate only 10 devices being connected at the same time.