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Remote support software. A comprehensive tool for remote assistance

Remote support software is the term used to describe tools employed by technical support staffs that enable them to access computer systems remotely over the Internet or an internal network. It allows smaller teams of technicians to connect to remote systems to resolve problems from a centralized location. No time or resources are wasted traveling onsite to troubleshoot issues.

The benefits of IT remote support software have positively affected the industry. With a remote support tool, organizations can more efficiently maintain the performance and availability of their computing environment.


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FlexiHub - Remote Support Program

remote assistance program

It can be extremely frustrating to be working against a deadline and suddenly be faced with a malfunctioning computer or crashed application. In a worst-case scenario, such an incident can cripple your business.

When presented with a choice to wait for technical help to arrive or make use of a remote assistance program, most users would opt for the quick fix. Using a reliable remote assistance software tool enables the problem to be resolved in a fraction of the time so work can quickly be resumed. FlexiHub an excellent option for teams or users wanting to provide remote support over the network.

Using this remote assistance tool lets IT help desks and system administrators connect to network-attached devices from any location and quickly identify and resolve technical issues that impact the business. The tool also enables teams to remotely monitor systems and run diagnostic tests to proactively avoid problems.

Business Subscription

A Personal subscription to FlexiHub may not meet your company’s requirements. That’s the reason we offer a dedicated Business subscription for this remote support app. It’s designed to meet the needs of large environments and corporate clients.

A FlexiHub Business subscription offers teams these valuable features:

✔ An unlimited number of connections;
✔ An unlimited amount of nodes;
✔ A customizable GUI for added productivity;
✔ White labeling;
✔ More advanced options only available in a Business subscription.

My company needs a Business subscription

FlexiHub for Business is a very adaptable remote help software solution suitable for a variety of purposes. It can be used for remote diagnostics, maintenance, and repairs of all USB peripherals in addition to providing technical support for distant users. It is a fully customizable solution that is also highly secure to protect sensitive data transmission.

How to perform remote support via Flexihub:

To learn more about how FlexiHub can facilitate remote support for your business, please contact our sales team. The following demonstration uses a Personal FlexiHub subscription to show how easy the tool is to set up and use.

  1. To start, navigate to the official FlexiHub website and click on “Sign Up” to initiate account creation. Register account
  2. Next, follow the prompts to create your online FlexiHub account. Create a FlexiHub account
  3. After account creation you can choose the subscription plan that fits your needs and begin a free demo of the remote assist software. Choose the plan
  4. Now, download and install FlexiHub on the machine you will use to connect to remote machines and devices. Download FlexiHub
  5. Start FlexiHub and log into the account using the credentials you used when creating the FlexiHub account. Login into account

On the remote side:

  1. Install FlexiHub on the remote machine that will be connected to a peripheral device using the same FlexiHub account and credentials. Login via token
  2. Connect the peripheral device to the remote computer. Connect the device

That’s all there is to it! Once the connection is established, the device will be visible in the FlexiHub interface on both computers. To access the device using this remote assistant program, simply click the “Connect” button next to the selected peripheral.

Get started
with a FlexiHub Business plan

Features of Remote Support Software

Following are some of the features of FlexiHub’s remote user software solution.

Unlimited number of connections
An unlimited number of connections can be opened simultaneously by a support team to streamline problem resolution.

UI modification
FlexiHub’s user interface can be customized to meet your business requirements. Our sales team will be happy to help you find the best way to customize the tool for your specific needs.

Pay-as-you-go billing
Only pay for the number of sessions you need and avoid purchasing excess capacity that just sits idle and wastes money.

Our team can easily change FlexiHub’s name and logo to reflect your company for corporate branding.

Commercial use
A FlexiHub Business Plan lets you use the tool commercially. It can be licensed and sub-licensed to your customers and their affiliates.

Top choice
  • 4.8 overall rank based on 78+ users
  • Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and Raspberry Pi. 8.97MB Size.
  • Version 5.3.14268. (20 Oct, 2021).