How to reset Android phone remotely

Olga Weis

Factory Reset Protection is a part of Device Protection, a feature added by Google in March 2015 for Android devices with 5.1 and later versions. If your phone has this feature enabled – most probably it does – you can factory reset your phone only under the login credentials you used when the device was new. This functionality is basically meant to keep thieves off your phone – even if someone gets hold of it, they won’t be able to wipe it clean and sell it off without knowing your login credentials.

Remote Android Factory Reset

However, as it is always the case with security features, Factory Reset Protection can become either your best friend or your greatest enemy. Considering the number of accounts, passwords and PINs we use every day, it is highly possible that one day you might just forget what Google account you used when setting up your phone. Or, say, you bought a used phone and the previous user did not remove google account from Android. What do you do then? How to remove a google account from Android? Is there a way to bypass Google phone verification?

How to bypass FRP?

There is a trick for certain phones – you need to launch settings from a USB-OTG cable/drive, do the factory reset in the Backup settings and clean up all data related to Google accounts. Do the reset again and Factory Reset Protection is bypassed successfully, now you can setup your device anew.

If you want to know how to bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung devices with a PC, you should also know that it doesn’t differ from FRP Google Account removal on Lenovo, Asus, and HTC devices. Android factory reset protection can help a user set up his phone like it is new and use another account to work with the device. Most of us would probably go to a service center to get this problem solved, and that is reasonable. This is because service centers’ specialists know how to bypass Google Account on the Android phone, but it means you have to take your device to them.

The most popular software to unlock your phone

You also may use the desktop unlocking software, which will help you to unlock the phone from your own PC. One of the handiest solutions, dr.fone toolkit, allows to sim unlock your Android phone in less than 10 minutes.
Unlock your Android phone

With the software you don't need to send your device anywhere, just download dr.fone on your PC and unlock the SIM. The tool allows to unlock the device without any codes or other additional information.

Among the key features of dr.fone software are the following:
  • it is the fastest way to SIM Unlock any Android device;
  • you are guaranteed that you won't lose any important data;
  • dr.fone supports more than 400 devices;
  • supports different network carriers worldwide;
  • 100% secure and safe software.

  • Some Service Centers provide their clients with remote unlock service. How do they do it from their own office. If you need to do remote unlock of the phone, FlexiHub may help you. It will let you access any USB device over the network.

    Steps to remove Factory Reset Protection

    You will need: your Andorid device, USB OTG cable, dr.fone software to remove Google FRP, FlexiHub installed on both computers (local and remote).

    What do they do at service centers to factory reset Android phone remotely? Read on for the step-by-step description of remote factory reset.

    Remote bypass Google Account FRP with FlexiHub
    1. Choose the subscription plan here and install a special software application – FlexiHub. Register an account by clicking ‘Sign up’ link. It is a normal registration procedure.
    2. Launch FlexiHub and sign into account.
    3. You should install FlexiHub on remote computer, where the phone is physically attached.
    4. Then they connect the phone to their computer via USB cable. The next step - remote computer should send invite to the computer with dr.fone installed. If you use the same account for both computers, no invitations needed.
    5. Make sure the device is connected in "Download Mode". For Samsung devices turn it off first, then press and hold [Volume Up + Home Key + Power] buttons together.
    6. The phone will be displayed in FlexiHub window on both computers.
    7. The phone owner should request to enable USB debugging on the remote device and an ADB shell on it.
    8. Now you are able to access the phone and reset to factory settings with the dr.fone toolkit software, i.e. erase all Google account data from the device.

    9. FlexiHub is not the software solution to reset Google FRP. You need the help of Service Center or the third-party software called dr.fone, to do it. FlexiHub is for remote access to devices only!

    10. Once Android factory reset is done, the phone owner can login using his Google account credentials.


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