Let’s Get Started

Share and access remote devices from anywhere in the world.
  • FlexiShare
    Send connection invites to other users only.
    You may not initiate any connections.

    Send invites to other FlexiHub users to connect to your USB or COM port device

    NOTE! This version doesn’t allow connecting to any remote devices

  • FlexiAccess
    per month
    Billed annually

    14 days of free FlexiHub usage:

    • 20 nodes (computers)
    • 10 active connections (devices)
    • Unlimited connection sessions
    • Redirection server
    • Automatic reconnection

    Note: you won't be charged during 14-day trial. You are free to cancel it any time. After 14 days you’ll be charged for the next year of FlexiHub subscription.

  • Flexium
    Premium plan
    Ideal solution
    for larger businesses

    Scalable solution for large teams and corporate clients

    • Covers more than 10 connections (devices) and 20 nodes (computers)
    • Access to Development Kit
    • FlexiHub technology integration into your own project
    • FlexiHub environment on your own server
  • Nodes and Connections

    Nodes are computers registered in your account that will have access to shared USB or COM port devices. FlexiHub allows establishing multiple simultaneous connections (the number of them will depend on your plan).

  • Redirection Server

    FlexiHub can send USB and COM port traffic through its own server, in case your nodes do not have real IP addresses.

  • Development Kit Access

    Flexium subscription includes exclusive access to FlexiHub API. You get everything you need to integrate USB and COM port sharing solution into your own software.

  • Advanced plans

    With FlexiAccess and Flexium plans you can work with remote devices in a private or commercial environment, with the latter giving you the ultimate freedom.